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Sep 9, 2001 10:23 AM

pizza and bagels

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I am a transplanted New Yorker living in Orlando and I'm on the lookout for bagels (real bagels!) and real NY style pizza. ( Don't even think of mentioning any of the chain pizza places - Pizza Hut, Papa Johns etc) I have discovered 2 pizza places on my own that are pretty good - NY Pizza club, and Al's Pizza. Costanza's in Winter Park is also pretty good - but they don't serve ind. slices. As for bagels - it's been very difficult. Someone mentioned Danny's bagels in Altamonte Springs - but I haven't tried it yet. (They are always closed when I get there - where are all the 24 hour bagel places!) I'm looking for all suggestions. THANKS!

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    some of the worst pizzas I've ever had were in New York. Especially the by the slice places. Any pizza hanging around under a heat lamp will leave something to be desired.

    24 hr. bagel places occur in 24 hr. towns. Orlando ain't much of one. You are looking for boiled bagels that are very chewy. Einsteins are pretty good for a chain. I only know the one near Windermere.

    You are definitely not in New York anymore. I personally do not miss the filth at all.

    1. My SO lives on Conway Rd. near Curry Ford (a few blocks from E. Colonial, 50), and he always orders from a place called Soprano's. (I give his location because I know it's nearby, but have never been to the place myself.) Being from Chicago, his pizza tastes run from dubious to downright weird (sauce on top?? no!!) but I will vouce for the pizza, as well as their hot subs (the chicken parm was huge).

      If you want to trek, the REALLY fantastic pizza is actually in Melbourne. . .take 192 all the way east to A1A, and you'll find Bizzarro's on the beach. . .just trust me about these guys. They also have a location in a Mobil station (I know you're fighting it -- but TRUST ME!) on exit 73 on 95. . .a light or two after you get off. It's WELL worth the drive, IMHO.

      Finally, can you tell me where NY Pizza Club and Al's are? Next time I'm in Orlando, I'll take the SO and try to "learn" him about decent pizza. . .

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        Thank's for the tips about Bizarro's! Al's Pizza is not even a restaurant - jst a walk up place that serves huge, fantastic slices of pizza for 99 cents. If you take 192 to John Young Pkwy (John Young turns into Bermuda Ave) turn onto Bermuda Ave - and about 5 or 6 blocks you will see a 7/11. Turn left - it's right across the street from the 7/11. As for NY Pizza club - It's on Silver Star and Hiawassee. It's in a big shopping center - across rom Publix and K-Mart. Good luck!

        1. re: Jackie

          ARGH!! All my good pizza places are going to the dogs. . .and I don't mean discerning chowhounds!!

          Bizarro's at the Mobil station is a bust. The owners must have gone back beachside, and they left 16 year olds to make the pizza. I have nothing against 16 year olds in general (I was one myself once) but these particular 16 year olds should not be allowed to make pizza. A total disgrace. So much so that my entire newsroom (that used to live on Bizzaro's) is collectively disowning the place. If you feel like driving forever, take 192 all the way to A1A and the true Bizzaro's is there, on the beach. I'll have to go and make sure that's where everybody went, and that they didn't just leave the country. . .but def. skip the gas station, with my apologies.

      2. As a former inhabitant of Orlando (I went to UCF) now living in NYC, I can totally appreciate your quest for good bagels and pizza. While I found some decent places, none of them will ever compare to some of the places up might have to lower your expecttions just a notch.
        BUT, that's not to say it's all bad down there. Trust me, living in the dorms with a bunch of uneducated pizza eaters was a parents used to own a pizzaria in Ft. Lauderdale so I know good pizza...but how can you explain that to poor college kids when Hungry Howies is offering $3.99 Pies??
        Anyway, I always enjoyed Giovanni's pizza. They have a location on Alafaya right next to the UCF Campus in the Publix shopping center. They also have one in Winter Park...I forgot the name of the road but it's in a shopping center with Outback and Whole Foods.
        I've even heard they've opened a third place somewhere. It's owned and run by three or four brothers all of whom you'll find behind the counter making pies. They also have a full menu of dinners, subs, etc.
        As for bagels, good luck!! I always brought them up from Ft. Lauderdale...