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Sep 2, 2001 11:16 PM

Suggestion in West Palm Area

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Can anyone give me a suggestion for a good Korean Barbeque restaurant in the West Palm Beach area?

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  1. Not a significant Korean population in W.P.B., which
    is necessary to sustain the kind of place you are probably looking for. Oddly enough, I worked in one
    in Falls Church, Va. when I was in high school. Turns
    out it was actually a money-laundering front for the
    Korean mob and an excuse for the owner's mother to run
    amok in the kitchen. The best bulgogi I ever had; the
    kimchee I couldn't get within 5 feet. The rest of it was too scary to think about. There are some excellent
    Thai places around (the climate here being very similar
    to that of south-east asia) and some places popping up
    touting Mongolian Barbeque which is more or less a
    do-it-yourself stir fry. You might try down south in
    Miami, a city which caters to all manner of unspeakably
    depraved tastes. Not necessarily a bad thing.