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Aug 23, 2001 12:39 PM

Cheap Food in Palm Beach County --- Suggestions?

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I will be staying in Palm Beach Shores (located in the North County of Palm Beach County) for a week. I am looking to find some good cheap restaurants, preferably nearby, but I will go throughout Palm Beach County if need be. Any suggestions?

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  1. Good cheap cuban food is at Havana Cafe on Dixie and Forest Hill Blvd. They are also open 24 hrs.

    They've got full meals, and some good bakery items: like potato balls, croquettes, and some yummy guava pastries.

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      Andrew Larson

      Try the burgers at the Brass Ring, just south of the intersection of Northlake Blvd. and Route 1 in North Palm Beach. Just don't wear any fancy clothes because
      they are the run-down-your-arm-and-knock-your-socks-off
      variety.Also, Flanigans at Southern and Olive in West
      Palm Beach has an excellent fresh fish sandwich (tuna,
      dolphin or yellowtail snapper depending on what was brought in that day). For pizza, Camilli's on Park
      ave. in Lake Park has the best thin-crust pie in town
      using excellent ingredients...and it's dirt cheap.

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        Do you have the address/phone number of the pizza place? I live in the North Palm Beach area, and was very upset when Carlucci's lost their lease (loved their thin crust pizza).

        Do you know of any good thin crust pizza places in my area?

        I'll definitely try the burger place, it's right around the corner for me.


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          I don't know the address of Camilli's Pizza, but I
          knowhow to get there. It's at the west end of Park
          Avenue in a shopping strip just before 10th street.
          Or, you could look it up in the fone book

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      Consider this a second vote for Havana's but if your looking for somewhere a little more upscale and fun try Samba Room at the foot of Clematis Street. It has a pre-Castro Cuban theme and incredible food, as well as a great location on the intracoastal waterway. Get the skirtsteak or sea bass. If you are going to be here on a Thursday, Clematis Street is blocked off to cars for the flocks of people who come to have a good time. So go then.

      1. The burgers at the Brass Ring Pub (just south of the
        intersection of Northlake blvd. and U.S.1 in North Palm
        Beach) are the run-down-your-arm-and-knock-your-sox-off
        best in the county. Camilli's Pizza on Park Avenue in
        Lake Park has an excellent thin-crust pie and an un-complicated salad w/homemade dressing. The place hasn't changed since 1965. The Thaicoon is an old Thai place on Northlake Blvd. that is quite reasonable, especially at lunch.If you make it over to Palm Beach
        around lunch time, don't fool with any of the over-priced puffy rich people hang-outs. Check out
        Herbert's Delicatessen in the back of the Lafayette
        Market on North County Road (next to Green's Luncheonette). Take a number, grab a gourmet bag o' chips and an exotic beer and order a burger all the way
        w/bacon, too-large sandwich or a daily hot special and eat it out back in the parking lot. The only honest-to-God deal in Palm Beach and the burger that
        inspired Jimmy Buffet to write "Cheeseburger in
        Paradise". If you don't believe it,just ask him.
        He lives right down the street.