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Aug 21, 2001 05:12 PM

Come on Tampa!!!!

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Where are all the Tampa Chowhounds?

Let's start talking about all of the great restaurants!

A great Mom and Pop hole in the wall Sothern Indian Eatery on Hanley? NS aka Idli Dosa Place. A must try!

Sidbern's - Great fusion dining, make a great meal out of appetizers and dim sum.

Roy's - Great East meets West Fusion. Also, go with the appetizers.

That's just a start.

Please pass on your favorites. Tampa is starting to get new restaurants. We need to keep this thread going and start sharing Good Eats!!

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  1. I've been posting on Tampa for the past year. Check out my posts. I usually specify (Tampa) in parenthises. Lots of posts, just keep scrolling down. I agree that Tampa needs to be more active. By the sound of these boards, you'd think there is little between Orlando and Miami! I'm not going anywhere, so you can expect my posts in the far future. I usually just post on one place at a time, and very rarely eat at upper-crust type of places. Can't afford it, and it's rarely worth it.

    1. This is the only cite where there is a chance for chowhounds to find gfood food here. There are zilioins of chains, and the media is pathetic. It reviews the same 25 places over and over. Ted Peters in St. Pete is a must for fresh home smpked mullet ad kingfish. Also Mazzarro's on 22d avenue. Best Italian market (although small) in the area

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        Hey! What about the Tampa Underbelly Tour (Tampa Tribune)????????? Not one place had been reviewed on either trip.
        You have a piont, but that is changing. Check out the new Tampa Tribune Flavor section every Wednesday. You may be surprised.

      2. Roy's is great, but it's a chain. We go there from time to time, but try to dine in non-chain restaurants. Here are a few of our favorites:

        Spartaco is by far one of the best Italian restaurants in Tampa. We dine there almost every Tuesday evening. It is run by Spartaco, and sometimes, his mama who comes in from Northern Italy to cook. Authentic, small and warm. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. It is in South Tampa off of Macdill and Bay to Bay. Address is: 4127 S Macdill Ave

        I agree with the recommendation for Sidebern's. Jeannie does a fabulous job with her dishes and keeps the menu fresh! I love the cheeses and her risotto is to die for! Off of Howard and Morrison in South Tampa (SoHo.) 2208 West Morrison Avenue

        Restaurant BT in Old Hyde Park Village. This place is up and coming. Definitely some fresh menu ideas and drink ideas too! 1633 W Snow Ave

        Ceviche is a great place for tapas. This is in Hyde Park at the end of Howard as you run into Bayshore. Keep your eyes peeled, it's easy to miss! In my humble opinion, much better than Sangria's. 2109 Bayshore Blvd.

        Another nice place for a glass of wine and some good food is the Wine Exchange in Old Hyde Park Village. This is not fine dining, but the food is good, the staff is great and the wine list is wonderful! 1611 W Swann Ave

        Mise En Place is also up and coming. I've had hit or miss meals here, but the last time we were there it was wonderful. We ordered several small appetizers and some wine and it hit the spot! Everything was done perfectly. Downtown. 442 W Kennedy Blvd

        Fine dining: Six Tables in South Tampa...I cannot speak for the other ones, but Richard and Amy do a fabulous job! 4267 Henderson Blvd

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        1. re: HeatherFL

          Welcome to the board, HeatherFL. Your profile indicates you've had some extensive dining experiences all over the world. I'll look forward to your opinions.
          Just curious. What do you mean by "up and coming." ? Mise En Place has been open since 1986 and has been named one of the top restaurants in the area year in and year out.

          1. re: HeatherFL

            Spartaco was sold, as was Vino E Pasta (same owners). I was so upset, I hope the food remains just as good.

            Mise en Place = Yucky


          2. I'm certainly happy to see any thread with Tampa in the title, and welcome, but as you're waiting for responses here, type Tampa in the search bar up top...

            1. looks like someone is bumping ancient threads.....