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Aug 19, 2001 06:48 PM

Menudo in miami..

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Hello, Anyone know where i can get good ole authentic mexican menudo in the miami area?
im from dallas texas and had it often there...really missing that sunday morning hangover remedy.
Thanx in advance....David

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  1. What IS menudo, other than that strangely rotating singing group? If I know what it is, I might be able to help you find it. . .and Lord knows I could do with a new hangover remedy. . .:-P

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      Menudo...better known to my friends who dont like it "medoodoo" a soup....a spicey tripe sounds nasty, but it is actually quite yummy. i first had it in a mexican border town cafe while i was suffering from a nasty tequilla hang of those "ill never have another drink in my life" of my friends swore to me that if i had a bowl of menudo, that before noon, i would be back in party mode. Well not only was he right it was very good...if you sit down to a bowl of menudo and act like you have eaten it a million times and not only love it and that your willing to stand in line for hours to have would see that not only it is pretty darn some how cures the worst of hangovers...... so anyway...i found a place in homestead that was pretty good...actually it was some kind of taco stand/van/truck/restaurant/tent thing on the side of the road...wasnt too bad but im sure theres a restaurant or two that sells it...just havent found one if anyone out there knows of a good place...let me know....and denise...give it a try..i bet it will cure the nastiest of hangovers...let me know if you try it..i would love to hear how it goes....David