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Aug 7, 2001 07:37 PM

Need help in St Augustine!

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I'm looking for good & LOCAL restaurants in St Augustine, primarily seafood & steak. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Dixie Chicken (Gerard)

    You can't go wrong at either The Gypsy Cab or Saltwater Cowboys.

    1. Try Bistro PJ

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        The Rainman of good food!

        I disagree with Saltwater Cowboy's. It is so overated. Nice view but uninspired food. The best place in St. Augustine is A1a Ale Works. They brew their own beer (4 or 5 different kinds) and the Sesame Tuna is great. Once I had a daily special that was a huge pork chop stuffed with spinach and cheese that was incredible. It came with sweet mashed potatoes on the side.

        Also do not miss O'Steens if you want the best shrimp you ever had. Don't let the line out front hold you back. It is worth the wait to get in. It doesn't matter what time you get there, you will have to wait. They are closed on Sunday.

        Ignore all the advertisements for the Columbia. It is a tourist trap.

        If you like Greek, Athena is very good. Especially on Thursday which is Greek Night. They roast a whole lamb on a spicket. If you like lamb, this is as good as it gets.

        Gypsy Cab is alright. I think their food sounds more interesting then it tastes, except for the Sunday brunch. The brunch is very highly recommended.

        Cap's is also very good. It is just north of St. Augustine in Vilano Beach. Or take a half hour ride and go to Snack Jack's in Flagler Beach for a totally local place that you will never forget, directly on the beach. Great, let me repeat, great seafood and atmosphere. Very casual, flip flops are required.

        1. We loved Gyspy Cab and the Columbia for brunch ( we had heard it was a toursit trap but hey we were tourist), South Beach Grill was a pleasant's south and not much to look at from the outside...the views are great...sits right on beach and the food awsome! We also loved breakfasts at Oasis..huge muffins and omelets. I wanted to try the little Italian place near the libary..I can't remember the name.

          1. For the best Prime Rib ever, go down to Flagler Beach and eat at "Martin's Steak House".