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barbecue in west palm beach?

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I'll trade a list of bad barbecue places for one good one.

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  1. Have you tried the The Pit Barbecue on Tamarind? It was once called the Blue Front.

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      I never had the chance to get to Blue Front, but I've used their sauce for years. Picked up my first bottle of it in the Bahamas at a Winn Dixie. Lately friends from FL have been bringing gallon jugs to me. Their sauce is my favorite on ribs. It reminds me of the sauce once made at King's Barbecue (now closed) in Greensboro, NC. The owners were from the east coast of Florida. I'm gettin' hungry..

      1. re: Jim

        Now that Blue Front is closed, where do your friends get the sauce? I live in West Palm, and would love to pick some up.


        1. re: Allison K.

          Winn-Dixie or Publix will usually carry it. Also,
          try Tom's, another local product of above-average

          1. re: Allison K.

            Is Blue Front REALLY closed or have they just moved. I thought they had moved to 25th Street or did they just fade away? Also, anyone know anything about Harvey's Barbecue that used to be at 6th and Tamarind?

            1. re: Dana

              My great uncle operated Harvey's BBQ on Tamarind many years ago. The sauce he made famous is still available in Greensboro NC using same recipe passed on to me . The family is still invloved in BBQ in North Carolina.
              I attached a photo and I hope this is the restaurant you asked about.

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                I very much want the name of the Greensboro, NC Restaurant that the King family has that still makes the BBQ sauce that used to be at Harvey's BBQ in WPB. I bought some Blue Front BBQ sauce years ago at Publix; it was similar, but too sweet. kingjtk, are you still out there??

                1. re: katlady

                  My family's restaurant King's Barbeque is no longer open however we are still very much involved in preparing ribs in the Greensboro area and hope to offer and outdoor special events catering service this summer. We are still making the sauce made famous by my uncle from West Palm Beach.

                    1. re: katlady

                      Hello katlady, presently we are working on retailing the sauce and hope to be able to sell it online in the future. Thanks for your intrest.

                      1. re: Taylordayne

                        We are presently obtaining USDA approval to distribute our product. Sholud available for shipping in the near future.Check out our link for some of our history!


                        James T. King


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                I am King' s son still living in Greensboro NC. We still make and sell the BBQ sauce you mentioned using the original recipe developed by my great uncle of Harvey's BBQ in West Palm Beach Florida

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                Besides C&W in Hobe Sound, you could also try
                B-B-Q Ben's at Military Trail and Belvedere Rd.
                Decent 'cue with a warm house sauce on the side.
                Good coleslaw too.

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                  I very much want the name of the Greensboro, NC Restaurant that the Kind family has that still makes the BBQ sauce that used to be at Harvey's BBQ in WPB. I bought some Blue Front BBQ sauce years ago at Publix; it was similar, but too sweet. kingjtk, are you still out there??

                2. Try the C&W Barbecue in Hobe Sound. A bit of a drive,
                  but well worth it. Family run, everything homemade and
                  delicious. All meats smoked in a big cooker right out
                  front. Smoked prime rib and grilled snook. Unf---ing
                  believable. The place looks like a biker bar from the outside, next to a sorry little pawn shop in a strip
                  on Route 1. Take 95 north to the Hobe Sound exit and
                  head east to Rt.1, turn north a 1/4 mile and look for
                  a big smoker in a strip mall parking lot on your left.

                  1. The Blue Front restaurant on Palm Beach Lakes closed years ago. They stll make the sauce on 25th st. between the tracks and Tamarind, I prefer to buy mine and Winn Dixie or Publix, The factory is not in the best area.
                    ron.You need to try Troy's on Federal in Boynton, take-out only.
                    Jim, There is a great mustard based BBQ sauce called King's in Eustis Florida. Don't know if it is the same people , but it is great.

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                      How do you feel about Troy's service?? I found it was like they did not care??Maybe that was just the day I was there, but every day should be like we will do our best to serve you. We will not come back. Customer service is key BTW totaly love Blue Front hot it is great

                    2. you want real bbq try mccrays stand on 45 street just east of congress a half mile on north side of road, your nose will lead you right too it, bring your napkins and glock

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                          Oh no, I would never rec Park Ave. unless you expect mediocre BBQ that has no smoke flavor whatsoever. Shorty's falls in the same category but their sauce is horrible. Sonny's is a short step up from from either of these two.

                          Park Ave. is like backyard style BBQ from a grill if that is what you are expecting.

                          See this link http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/592534

                      1. Park Ave. BBQ is average....not horrible....just average as restaurant BBQ is concerned....I would say on par with Shorty's and Sonny's.....I do love the BBQ sauce that Shorty's serves "warm" (temperature-wise).....I'm 50 now and have been enjoying that sauce going back to my pre-teen days so many decades ago....I grew up in Homestead eating Shiver's BBQ.....(Shorty was Shiver's cousin) and their menus were identical.....

                        My pal FreakerDude always has great insight when it comes to BBQ in the Palm Beaches....There is some pretty good BBQ being served roadside in Ft. Pierce.....US1 and Easy Street....No sides...(yet)....Just meat....

                        Ft. Pierce, FL