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Jun 25, 2001 12:37 PM

Miami Native STILL Needs Help!!!

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I am still looking for reccomendations for a great place to celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary. I was thinking about Baleen in Coconut Grove as Norman's is closed on Sunday. Very bummed about that. My husband and I will be staying on South Beach, but we do not want a trendy scene (i.e. Delano, Wish, Nemo). However, if the food and service are worth it we will reconsider. I would appreciate any help ASAP. Thanks in advance.
Happy Summer,
Izzy's Grl

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  1. I'm not a native, so I was pleasantly surprised by Christies on Ponce de Leon in Coral Gables. The food, service and atmosphere were really good. Its a traditional steakhouse which depending on your tastes, is probably extremely exciting or not very exciting at all. At the very least its a great standby.

    1. If you're staying at South Beach, why not Joe's Stone Crab.

      I drive 4 hours a couple of times of year to eat there. Expensive but worth it. Get the jumbo's if there available!