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May 22, 2001 09:26 AM

Ft. Myers/Sanibel Island

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Spent a nice weekend in Ft.Myers. I highly reccomend Iguana Mia on Cleveland(hwy 41) & Colonial, outstanding mexican, Awesome drinks, rrreally good sized margarita's! Had the Conch Veracruz, and it was better than any prepared seafood I have had in Florida for the last 5 months ! Very flaky, and nice and spicy! Also reccomend "Bubble Room " on Sanibel Island, although the desserts are the best part of the meal. Basically most desserts are "cakes". One piece is enough fo 2-3 people, but very good quality meal overall. I also went to "Nick & Stell'as "Pizza Perfecto", a sports bar that says they have "hand tossed pizza, which didn't seem correct, nor did they have an actual "pizza oven"! Pizza was boring, and they put pepperoni, on my vegitarian pizza. It took 45 minutes to get the order right. However, everyone else I was with said the "Buffalo Wings" are great. I tried the sauce, and it was really good. Actually the sauce was so good I broke my vegitarian diet, and had a couple of wings, and they were almost good enough to make me a full blooded "carnivor" again! (Almost!) Also stay away from "The Little Burgwer Comapny, a Krystal/White Castle knock off that asks $1 per burger, and everyone told me that they felt ripped off. Even the sides were lower in quality than you'd find at "Checkers".

I'll be back in Ft.Myers/Naples for another 75 mile bike ride this weekend, and will check out some other lcoal "non-chain" places and report back. By the way does anyone know a place to get a good "bunch" on Sunday morning in Ft. Myers? Thanks!

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  1. Next time you're on Sanibel, and want a burger, go to "Cheeburger, Cheeburger." Big juicy burgers cooked to order. Milkshakes made from scratch and served in the metal container they were mixed in, (big enough for two). And onion rings good enough to make you slap your mama.

    1. I agree with the chee burger chee burger i recently went their and it is in a new location than it used to be for someone who hasnt visited in a few years they let YOU pick what you want on your burger it is a change and they have other items besides their famouse burgers so no worries for all you people who dont like all american MEAT

      1. If you're on Sanibel, take a ride down Periwinkle Way past Cheeburger Cheeburger and stop by The Island Cow. We discovered it this past fall. Great food, good prices, and very much a relaxed fun kind of place. We ate there at least once a day during our week's stay, and before long, the staff called us by name, and seated us at "our table". Very good place.

        1. I agree about Iguana Mia. It has the best Mexican food I have had on the West Coast of Florida. I particularly like the Chicken Enchiladas Suizas.

          As the other posters have mentioned, Cheeburger, Cheeburger is an outstanding hamburger place.

          Island Cow is somewhat unusual. The menu is very extensive and they have a lot of items that are more upscale than you might expect from looking at the place. Also, some of the culinary combinations are UNUSUAL. I generally like that--finding dishes that you don't find everywhere else.

          You might want to also try Doc Ford's on Sanibel. It has Carribean/Floridian/Central American/South American cuisine made by a chef with some cooking chops. Also, there is a rum bar there with a collection of exotic, finely aged, and rather expensive rums. It is sort of the island equivalent of a place serving single malt scotches. Interesting! I can guarantee you that they have rums you've never tasted before.

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            My favorite in Sanibel & Captiva is Lazy Flamingo..... Let me share a little story about Sanibel when I first visited there. We stayed at a lovely ocean front cabin. My spouce and myself were walking along the crowded beach around sunset. Hundreds of people were there looking for shells. All of the sudden veryone disappeared. We looked at each other in astonishment. Where did everyone go.We soon found out.....There is a nasty little bug, hardly seen by human eyes calles the "no-see-um"...What the heck was going on.We were eaten alive, I am in Palm beach county on the east coast of Florida and have never seen such a thing. It totally ruined our evenings in Sanibel. We could not go outside at night for a week. And lo & behold they get into the cabin you are staying. Please take this into consideration.

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              Does this happen at a specific time of the year or is it a year round event?

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                cav,I do not know if there is a specific season for No-see-ums, but I am sure someone that lives in the Sanibel, Ft. Myers area can help us out