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May 22, 2001 07:37 AM

Amelia Island

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Any really fine restaurants on, or very close to, Amelia Island Plantation?
Bill Fox

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  1. There has been mention of Amelia Island fairly recently around here. A search from the homepage should prove fruitful. The Ritz Hotel has always been highly recommended for a fine meal in very nice surroundings.

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    1. Beech Street Grill in Fernandina Beach has always been quite good the several times I've eaten there. Horizons, also in Fernandina, is very good, too. But Pat is right, The Grill at the Ritz-Carlton is the hands-down best, if money is no object.

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      1. I hope you don't mind the personal inquiry, but are you the Bill Fox who is a true "Southern Fried" believer and intimate friend of Doctor Golf?

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          Sorry, Gator. I am not.

        2. Other than the Ritz, none of the restaurants in the $16/plate and above range are worth it. However, there are some Chowhound finds on the island.
          First, Ribs & Barbeque. I think the place is called "Beachcomber". It is the most seedy little motel on the island with a depressing bar in the back, which turns out the most awesome barbeque. Get it take out and sit on the beach
          Second, Pizza - Moon River Pizza. Not fancy, but owned by a displaced New Yorker who puts out good pie and quality beer on tap.
          Lastly, margaretta's. I can't believe I can't remember that name of the most famous bar on the island, but its on the main drag in historic fernandina. Its the place that burned down recently.

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            The name of the historic bar that burned down in Fernandina on Centre Street is the Palace Saloon. It has reopened.