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Apr 10, 2001 09:27 PM

Palm Beach/W. Palm Beach

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For breakfast we liked Randy's Bageland. Reminded me of Ratner's. 2 eggs, grits, and a toasted bialy with cream cheese is 2.19. Another 1.25 will get bacon, ham or sausage. Nothing amazing, but quick, clean, pleasant. I was disappointed not to find Pepe's, a breakfast spot recommended on this board. I think it must be closed.

Sloan's ice cream parlor (right next to Pizza Girls) has very good fruit sorbets. But the best thing about the place is the bathroom. There's good sorbet elsewhere, but you'll never find a bathroom like this!

Spoto's on Clematis has a very good raw bar. No Florida oysters, I was surprised to see. Excellent service. Delicious Bloody Marys. No reservations accepted, but no problem either.

On Palm Beach island there's an interesting place called Chuck and Harold's. I had a conch chowder there that was a bit short on conch, but flavorful. At night the ceiling opens up to the reveal the stars. Nice bar scene, well prepared drinks.

Newish Italian place on South County Rd. in Palm Beach is called Lucio's or maybe Luzio's. I had a beautifully cooked red snapper, and my sister had a steak she said was perfectly cooked. It was a large party, and they managed to get everything out hot or cold, depending on which was correct. Very pleasant and competent service throughout.

Places to try next time:

Oxtails and More! (Saw this intriguing sign while driving by)
Caribbean Choice Bakery on N. Military Trail
I grabbed up a menu thinking we'd get back, but we didn't. Beverages include sour sop, cane juice sorrel, and something called Agony. Stuff like, calaloo, liver & banana, goat head soup, ackee & salt fish. Oh man.
I'm going back in December. I sure hope those places are still there. pat

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  1. Just FYI: Chuck and Harold's is part and parcel of the Charley's Crab, et al, group.

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      on your next trip you may want to try Don Ramon's on (I believe) Old Dixie Hwy in West Palm north of Southern Blvd. They have expanded to other locations, but this one is my favorite. Really wonderful cuban, I think.

      1. re: leslie

        Don Ramons is a block or two south of Forest Hill on Dixie Highway. It shares a parking lot with an excellent Thai place called Wattana Thai. Better than
        Don Ramon's (in my opinion, anyway) is La Havana at the
        corner of Forest Hill and Dixie. Lots of flavor, daily
        specials, huge portions.