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Mar 3, 2001 07:34 AM

Montreal Bagels in South Florida

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I'm from New York but keep getting told Montreal Bagels are better. (I find that hard to believe -- but being away from the real thing so long I'm willing to try anything). Anyone know where to find a Montreal Bagel in the Fort Lauderdale area?

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  1. I'm the poster child for impossible food quests, but "Montreal-style" bagels in Florida is an idea you've just really gotta give up on.

    Sorry. I know how it feels, believe me.

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Somewhere on this site is an address for a bakery in Montreal where you can mail-order the bagels. Haven't tried it myself, so I don't know how they would travel to Fla.

      1. re: Jim Leff

        There used to be a Montreal Bagel store in Boca Raton, but unfortunately it closed down.... what a sad day! If anyone can tell me what bakery is able to ship bagels from Montreal, I'd appreciate it!

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        Steve Drucker

        Montreal bagels aren't better than NY bagels--they are different.

        Montreal Bagels are wood fired, are sweeter, in fact they are closer to a slightly sweetened NY pretzel (absent the salt) than a NY bagel.

        They go rock-hard stale within about 8 hours of leaving the oven, unless they are wrapped in plastic.

        Don't get me wrong, Montreal Bagels are absolutely great.

        But they are so different from NY bagels that their sole similiarity to NY bagels is their geometry.

        1. We draw and quarter, then boil in oil any foolish Montrealer who comes to visit relatives in Florida and fails to bring at least a few dozen Montreal bagels. New York may have good pizza, average pastrami, and plain spaghetti, but Montreal has it all over NY when it comes to REAL (a bakery named Real also makes Mtl Bagels) genuine old European fire oven baked bagels. None like it in N. America. Yes, we freeze them immediately and eat 'em for weeks after.

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          1. re: moben

            Montreal bagels are dense, chewy and malty. Very simlar to NYC bagels but smaller and denser. Very good and different than NYC. I would love to have a good version of either here in FLA.

            And Montreal is in North America.

            1. re: marelyisdead

              they sound more like English bagels which are also boiled and are chewier and smaller than US ones and a little sweeter.

            2. re: moben

              As a Montrealer visiting Florida earlier this year, I searched high and low for something even close to the St. Viateur or Fairmount bagels that makes our local delicacies so famous. I must admit that Einstein Bros sesame bagels are as close as you can get for local products but close is all they are. I can check out both of the Montreal outlets to see what would be involved in shipping some of their beauties to Florida - most likely FedEx but not sure about the paperwork. Might have to let the customs folks take a few home with them and let the rest pass!

            3. brooklyn water bagels in delray are the best bagels south of montral and h+h in new york their coffee is in a class of its own---the best---their food is so-so not bad but nothing special many delis are better----just try the joint

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              1. re: marky123

                Is that the place that just opened on Military North of Atlantic?

                  1. re: smartie

                    Thanks, smarty. I noticed the place when I was I town a couple weeks ago but already had my dining agenda set. Next time.

              2. You might get more responses if you move this to the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale Board which encompasses all of South East Florida from South Miami to Jupiter.