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Feb 23, 2001 08:19 PM

Dinner on Little Torch Key?

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I've heard that you can arrange to take a boat over and have dinner on Little Torch Key. Sounds likely to be a splurge. I haven't seen it mentioned on any of the postings about the Keys and I'm wondering if it would be worth it. Anyone been there?

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  1. Yes, it is more than worth it. There are a number of tables actually on the sand at the edge of the water (before one of the hurricanes the tables were actually in the water and the wait staff rolled up their pants to serve you.) They light torches around your table when the sun sets, but beware, if the breeze is blowing, it can get chilly. The food is quite good, and the resort has top notch chefs, it is a Relais & Chateau property so the quality has to be up to a certain level. Inside dinning is nice as well, make sure to get a seat at the edge of the dinning room to take in the view.


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      The food at Little Palm Island (the resort on Little Torch Key) is delicious in an overabundant sort of way. The service is incredibly friendly, the menu is described as "Floribbean", but is really fairly classic American with an emphasis on local ingredients/themes. Nothing I had there hit a false note, but I would say that breakfast which featured a "lobster hash" (chunks of lobster, apple smoked bacon, and potatoes served with or without a poached egg) was the high point - I don't know if people who aren't staying at the resort can come for breakfast, but that would be a great way to start a day of boating. Prices can mount up quickly, and your waiter's casual suggestion of nice Chardonnay might turn out to be a $70 bottle if you don't ask questions...

      I would not recommend staying at the resort unless you remembered to sell all of your Yahoo stock in 12/99. It is extraordinarily expensive - well over $1000/day including food, service, taxes, etc. - and if you want to do any activities like snorkeling trips etc., that's extra! It was a romantic spot (although the cottages are so dimly lit that you can barely read in bed at night, and there's no TV, so you better be feeling REALLY romantic!) but really too expensive for what it was....