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Feb 13, 2001 08:50 PM

Miami to Key West - road suggestions

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we are planning a drive from Miami to Key West, with a few days to be spent in KW - does anyone have suggestions for good place on the road to/from Miami or in the lower Keys? Road food, haute cuisine, whatever is good and intersting. Thanks,


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  1. Hi Denny,

    Ah, the drive from Miami to KW is one of my favorites. . .just went there last weekend! Anyways, we don't normally stop for food along the way (except for fast food we can eat in the car), but there's a delightfully trashy little greasespot called Porky's in Marathon, on the right side of the road just before Pigeon Key and the Seven-Mile Bridge. I went there 2 years ago when I was staying on Pigeon Key for a class project, and the fried seafood (all kinds) is excellent, served up with cold Coronas. It was a Friday night, and we were entertained by a crotchety old parrothead that went by the stage name of Rocketman. Enjoy your drive and your dinner, and let me know if it's still as good as I remember!


    P.S. Watch the road carefully. . .if you miss Porky's, you'll be on the bridge and have to go 14 miles out of your way to get back. :-)

    1. I used to break up my drive back from Key West with a stop for a bite in Islamorada at Jammers. On my last trip (2/17/01), I saw that they changed the name to Chill Willy's or something like that but I had no time to stop. If the only change was the name, I recommend it for the food, value, price, service AND THE LOCAL COLOR. I have frequently had conversations with the local fisherman and folk that made me not want to continue my journey home so soon. JR