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Clearwater/St. Pete, Tarpon Springs, Innisbrook, FL need restaurant suggestions

Garnet Feb 12, 2001 09:48 AM

I will be visiting these areas in March.
Looking for some restaurant ideas...would
like to find a good seafood place (not Shells
or other chain). Also need suggestions for
vegetarian-friendly places (again, non-chain
preferred). Price range unimportant...just
want some good quality food.

One more question: are there any decent
restaurants in Winter Haven, FL?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. m
    Melissa Garland RE: Garnet Feb 12, 2001 10:45 AM

    My dad lives in St. Pete, so I go down there a couple of times every year. My favorite restaurant there is the 4th St. Shrimp Store. This is not a fancy place (paper tablecloths and shrimp served in plastic baskets), but they have great shrimp for very little money. I would stick with the shrimp, too. I've had other items on their menu, and shrimp is what they do best.
    Grouper sandwiches seem to be a specialty of the region. My dad and his friends have spent a lot of time winnowing out the best place to get a good inexpensive grouper sandwich: El Cap's (sorry, can't remember the exact location).

    1. a
      andy huse RE: Garnet Feb 14, 2001 01:41 PM

      Try Tio Pepe near the countnet campbell causeway. Great spanish food, extensive wine list. The Paella is very good, as well as the Chateaubriand. Upscale but it delivers. prices not too high, though. can eat for $20-$40 a person, depending if you get drinks, etc.

      Kelly's: for just about anything serves decent simple fare in dunedin off main st.

      There's a whole bunch of others, but i haven't lived there for 5 years. If i can, i'll get a more thorough list from my folks and pass it on...

      also check the past posts about the area in question.

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      1. re: andy huse
        theflytyr RE: andy huse Feb 18, 2007 02:58 PM

        I always had a great meal at Tio Pepe, Use to drive over from Orlando for the arroz con pollo

      2. j
        jackaranda RE: Garnet Feb 18, 2007 12:46 PM

        The places I hear about for seafood are Island Way Grill in Clearwater and Splash in north Tampa Although it is a chain Mitchell's Fish Market is excellent.
        Lots of smaller more casual places all over especially in Tarpon Springs, Clearwater Beach and St Pete

        1. HeatherFL RE: Garnet Feb 18, 2007 01:19 PM

          This thread has a bunch of places to go from St. Pete/Clearwater to Tampa to Lutz...



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