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Feb 11, 2001 11:42 AM


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I missed Capri Blue on my visit to Palm Beach last year. Is it still good? How is Spoto's doing? Are there any new great places for lunch/dinner?


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  1. You have missed the opening of Cityplace, which is a little city erected in the middle of downtown WPB, hence the name. There are great restaurants there, Legal Seafoods, Mark's and the Blue Martini of course a Cheesecake factory for a good ole' standby. If you are familiar with Palm Beach Gardens, I highly recommend going to Hayashi the best Japanese EVER! Get a crunch roll (sounds like you like food of that sort, as you asked about Spoto's, which is still great)

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      Hi Jen

      Thanks for the info on Cityplace. Can you tell me more about Mark's and the Blue Martini. We will be looking for dinner on Sunday 3/4. Are they open on Sunday? What type of food? Have you herd any recent reports on Capri Blu ?