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Jan 31, 2001 02:40 PM

Ft. Meyers

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I will be spending a week with my family in Ft. Meyers in February-- looking for interesting places to eat that are not too upscale-- I have a ten month old and those establishments tend to frown on little ones. We are all adventurous eaters so let us know.

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  1. Do yourself a favor and take a day trip to Sanibel island, especially the "Ding" Darling bird sanctuary. At dusk flocks of roseate spoonbills fly in by the hundreds --absolutely beautiful and serene, lot sof real Florida fauna and flora. If it's still there, the Bubble Room was a funky, cute restaurant (main decorating theme were those old bubble lights for Xmas trees and Fiesta ware.) Seafood, delicious garlic-y, slightly blue cheesy signature bread. wonderful key lime pie. Haven't been down there for a while, so the status may have changed but a fun, friendly place after viewing the wildlife. Also remember the Mucky Duck tavern, rigth on the water near the Captiva causeway.

    1. The Bubble Room on Captiva is fun. Toys from the thirties, forties, fifties. Huge desserts. The seafood is good. Locals consider it too touristy.

      For a killer Fried Grouper Sandwich check out the Lazy Flamingo, (a true favorite of the locals), on Captiva just north of Sanibel Island at the bridge connecting the two.

      On Sanibel try Cheeburger Cheeburger, (good for lunch), for REAL milk shakes, excellent onion rings and very good burgers.

      If you can find a baby-sitter (sp?) for an evening the Jacaranda, also on Sanibel, is the hot spot. Go for dinner and stay for the live music out back on the screened porch. The last time I was there they had a funky reggae group that kept the party goin' strong well into the AM hours.

      The Mucky Duck on Captiva is a tradition at sundown. You can grab an English ale and hang at one of the picnic tables outside as the sun slips slowly into the Gulf. If you get hungry go inside and order the duck.

      1. There is a wonderful casual Mexican restaurant called La Casita in a remodeled Long John Silver's on McGregor. We have been there several times with our three very young daughters. The food is delicious and the staff is nice and likes kids. And the prices are good.