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Jan 22, 2001 09:30 AM

good-bye Seabreeze! (Tampa)

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The seafood institution named the Seabreeze is finally closing its doors on feb 4th, then re-opening for one last bash on feb 8th. They catch all their own shrimp and most of the rest of their seafood with their own fleet, and their deviled crabs are simply the best. minimum of breading and a whole lot of crabmeat! The food ain't especially fancy, but man its good! Spanish bean soup (another Tampa creation) is quite good, too.

smooch with your signifigant other on the 'love rock' (long story)--- just ask about it.

They're on the 22nd st. causeway between downtown and 56th st. Call em at 247-2105. The owners are very nice people and are finally gonna get some rest!

I sure will miss their Deviled Crabs!!!

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  1. "The owners are very nice people and are finally gonna get some rest!"

    And well deserved, I'm sure. Nevertheless, *very* sad news. pat

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    1. re: pat hammond
      Vic Boehning

      I remember the Seabreeze as one of my favorite hangouts in the 50's also the Goody Goody, the Spinning Wheel, the Wagon Wheel, the Deep South,the Oasis and Zichex. All were drive in with curb service and most probably no longer exist.

      So much for old times, the reason i'm replying is the deviled crabs from the Seabreeze. They were much like ones my mother used to make and I've been searching for the reciepe. If anyone has one that is close I sure would appreciate it .

      1. re: Vic Boehning
        Mike Zicheck

        We sold out to Hollywood Vidio

        Money Talks!