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Jan 2, 2001 07:57 AM

ft. myers/ ft.meyers beach

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i'm looking for comments/ info on a restaurant called Carrabas' (sp?) i believe that it is a chain/ franchise located in ft. meyers. any home page for them to get menu info or any comments from anyone regarding this place?

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  1. I think they have the same owners as Outback Steakhouse

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    1. re: The Coop
      Vic Lagniappe

      Carrabba's is a (by now) national chain. I'm of Italian extraction, and have eaten a truly disgusting amount of Italian food in my life, and this is my restaurant of choice in the area. The menu is oriented towards grilled meats, but there's still excellent macaroni and seafood.
      I've been to several Carrabba's franchises in Florida, as well as ones in Atlanta and Denver, and this is the best of them all. From what I understand, it was the first outside Texas (where they started). It's across the street from the busiest Outback Steakhouse store in the chain.
      If you go, get there before 5:00! We're well into the swing of tourist season, and you can expect waits of an hour or more. If that's too long, I also strongly recommend Fernando's, which is just around the corner on College Pkwy. It's new, and I ate there for the first time last week, and it has real poptential for beating out Carrabba's for my ample affections. The local Macaroni Grill is very good as well.