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Dec 27, 2000 03:18 PM

Diego Tapas, Any Thoughts?

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Hi, I'm travelling to Miami in two weeks(SOBE area) and
I was looking for a solid Tapas spot which has some items for the less interesting eaters. Deliciousness is more important than authenticity. I heard of a place called Diego Tapas that sounds like good food and good atmosphere. Any opinions on this place or better options?


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  1. Stupid question, but chalk it up to being a newbie and wanting to inspire conversation. . .what is Tapas? Never heard of it. . .though when I get back to Miami in 2 weeks I'll certainly look it up for you. . .

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      I'm certainly no expert but Tapas is basically Spanish bar food. On it's way to America it has of course become more trendy and fancified but it's supposed to be assorted little plates to go along with your sangria or beer. Now whole restaraunts revolve around the stuff here.

      Thanks for the help.

      1. re: Iron Frank

        I have heard that Diego Tapas is the newest trendy tapas bar at Bayside market. One I can vouch for is Tu Tu Tangos in Coconut Grove. Great tapas, great Sangria and you can watch starving artists paint while you gorge yourself.