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Dec 7, 2000 05:19 PM

Reactions to several restaurants - S. Florida/Tampa

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I'm interested in reactions/comment on several new concepts headed for Orlando. They are Chart House(Miami, Daytona, Melbourne, Longboat Key), Samba Cafe (South Beach), Timpano's (Ft. Lauderdale), Zazarac's (Tampa), Roy's (Palm Beach) and Stonewood Grill in Lake Mary.

feel free to email me or post -- what ever is more convenient.


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  1. I have eaten at Zazzarac in Tampa and Roy's in Naples. They were both wonderful. We were staying in Naples at the Registry, and the Concierge sent us to Roy's for "romantic anniversary" dinner. Although the food and service was wonderful, it was more of a bistro atmosphere (noisy and crowded tables) not my idea of romantic. Zazzarac, an Outback venture, was gorgeous. The gumbo was heavenly, as was all the food. I liked it a little better than Roy's. They'll both do very well in Orland, I think. By the way, Roy's just opened another location in Tampa...guess I'll have to give it a try!

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      Thanks Joan -- I have been surprised at the lack of response -- guess the board has been slow lately.
      Roy's is also (now) an Outback subsidiary. Some of his stores -- the Hawaiian ones mainly -- are still his, but he has partnered with Outback on the newer locations.

      The San Franciso restaurant got a scathing rview in the local paper -- and apparently printed three local reader's rebuttal to the bad review. NY Times also panned the Roy's therde -- in the Mariott marquis, I think.

      Sounds like people either love it or hate it.


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        I agree about the slow board. I'm thinking there must be another board out there with Tampa Bay postings re food...The only other one I know of, is the St. Pete Times forum, also horribly slow. Any others that you know of/contribute to, which are a little more active?

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          Joan--a few thoughts

          It takes action to get action. Take a quick look at our boards for NYC, LA, SF, Boston, and you'll see more/better food postings than anywhere on the internet; a treasure trove of tips/opinions/news that's unrivaled in any media anywhere.

          This happened because people understood that this site is run by true-believers, and so the kinds of people we attract tend to have kindred spirits re: food. That is, we embrace deliciousness at every range, from foie gras to tacos. We don't heed trends, we don't buy the hype. We are the people who've tried every single sushi bar in town and have strong and savvy opinions and pity the "go-along" callow foodies who consider Zagat a bible.

          If that strikes a chord with you, then you'll find that other sites are not designed to accomodate your particular aesthetic, and so even if they're more "active", they'll be active with dubious information and lots of posters parroting the Conventional Wisdom. And shills. And fights. And stupidity (we have all those things, but RARELY...much more rarely than anywhere else).

          If you're more of a chowhound, there is work to be done. Tell ALL your chowhound friends to come in here and start posting. Post yourself. Create a resource. So the next Florida chowhound who comes around will immediately see that this community is for him/her, and will join in, rather than wander off to some unsavvy foodie site or other. We've all been splintered and divided by the media for too long. This is a grass-roots haven. We are the Good Guys, so if you (and those reading along) will invest some time in building it, you'll have the same mind-spinningly great resource that hounds in those other cities enjoy. And we (the management) will moderate with a chowhound sensibility.

          It requires active work to build a community. Have a look around the internet and I think you'll find that if you want to be more passive and just find something that's already developed, it's never developed in a way that fits a chowhound's needs. It'll be about food, but it may not fit your concept of deliciousness.


          1. re: Jim Leff


            I'm really the origin of he slow board comment -- Joan was responding to me.

            I agree wholeheartedly about the Florida board needing more participation. I'm researching a story about a rapidly-developing area of Orlando that is attracting a dozen new cocepts -- and fishing for some reality based reaction to them.


            1. re: Bob

              Hey the board is great. I have already checked out several places mentioned on this board. I wish I had found this board ages ago.