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Nov 25, 2000 04:50 PM

Suggestions for St. Pete/Treasure Island Area?

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I'll be on vacation in Treasure Island with my family toward the end of December - an annual trek for us since I was 5. I am now 42 and my husband has joined in the annual migration. One of our favorite restaurants (Scandia, in Indian Rocks Beach) has closed, so we're looking for some suggestions. Other restaurants we've enjoyed are The Lobster Pot, Chateau Madrid (my personal favorite), and Leverock's (which is sometimes very good and sometimes not). Many of the restaurants that we used to like many years ago are gone now (The Kingfish, which went downhill before it closed, The Kapok Tree and Gene's Lobster House). We tried the Wine Cellar, and found it overpriced, with snooty and unresponsive waiters, and mediocre fare. We've also been to Shells, which had very good seafood, and a very casual atmosphere. Any suggestions for restaurants in the area would be appreciated!

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  1. Try Guppy's on Indian Rocks Beach. Good seafood casual inside or out dining

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      Geez, I just happened to see this - we had left for vacation before your suggestion was posted. But as it turned out, we went to Guppy's On the Beach twice, and we loved it! Nice casual atmosphere, well-prepared and creative cuisine, along with friendly service. Salads and desserts are excellent too! Great suggestion!