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Oct 18, 2000 05:08 PM

Frank-El soul food (Tampa)

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This place is great, on Busch blvd. They don't have a menu, but an awesome lunch and dinner buffet. For a mere $7 for lunch $8 for dinner and $9 for Sunday brunch/lunch, you can sample their savory southern-style food. Although the family is from Suriname (and speak Dutch in addition to English), they've got the food just right.

The buffet changes daily and in between lunch and dinner, they stock it with such delicacies as collard greens, candied yams, black-eyed peas, roast pork, marinaded ribs, baked chicken, Swedish meatballs, and so on. There are usually three or four meats available, and vegetarians should steer clear.

This ain't gourmet, but it's damn good food.

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