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Sep 4, 2000 11:23 PM

Stuart Suggestions

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My wife is in Stuart for a couple of weeks visiting her mother and would like some suggestions (any cuisine, low to moderate prices) to supplement her mother's regular haunts. A search of the site turned up one poster who reported that there are "LOTS OF GOOD RESTAURANTS" in Stuart, but no names. (There were some Fort Pierce suggestions, but my mother-in-law considers Fort Pierce a long drive.)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. Mario's! If they like Italian, it's the best. On US 1 in a strip shopping center near Blockbuster. Family run place. They're originally from NY, very friendly, the sauce is the best I've had anywhere. Make sure she gets the salad with the house dressing. I recommend eggplant parmesan.

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      I thought Mario's was pretty overpriced considering the atmosphere and food. My husband and I ordered pasta dishes, no meat and no alcohol and our dinner bill came to $40.

      For Italian, I prefer Carmela's, on East Ocean across from Stuart Fine Foods. They do not take credit cards. Chicken caprese hero (fried cutlet w/basil, fresh mozz and vinaigrette), lots of red sauce dishes, great pizza too.

      For breakfast, go to Bistro Madeleine, in Palm City on Martin Downs Blvd. next to Walgreen's. French/greasy spoon, if you can picture that. You can get brie on just about anything. Massive omelettes, insane french toast, best monte cristos in town. Another good breakfast place is Jan's Place in downtown Jensen Beach -- I know they got decimated by the last bad hurricane, but I heard they reopened at or near their former location.

      Sakura on Federal Highway north of Monterey (next to Stuart Ale House) has great sushi at very reasonable prices -- lots of $9.99 lunch specials. Better and less expensive than Bangkok Bay across the street.

      For a fun, laid-back place, we love Frank N Stein's, a beer-and-hot-dog place near the railroad tracks just over the Roosevelt Bridge. Sabrett dogs, chili fries, beer. Pinball. Did you need more than that? :-P

      Chinese isn't that great in Stuart (fewer NY-area snowbirds than other parts of SoFla) but I like a place on East Ocean just east of Carmela's, I think it's called Peking Garden. Very friendly staff, nice atmosphere, cheap dinner specials.

      If you want a really gourmet lunch and not gourmet prices, go to Stuart Fine Foods. (There's a newer location in Palm City.) Their deli is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Fresh hot subs, insane soups, and some of the best cold cuts you ever had. (We moved several months ago and my husband still wakes up in the middle of the night calling for their roast beef.) No real seating -- get it to go and take it to the beach. :-)

    2. Casa Bella. You will love this place. Check out the website.

      1. I'm hoping 23 Maple Street in Jensen Beach is still around (last time I was there was before the two hurricanes hit; if it is, it is worth the splurge. We had one of the most amazing meals ever there. We liked the Black Marlin in downtown Stuart, too (also on the pricier side, but worth it).

        1. For fun and seafood, I recommend Conchy Joe's, 3945 NE Indian River Dr in Jensen Beach. Lots of Old Florida flavor. If you can, get a table near the water in the evening when the bridge is lit up. Great raw bar, too.

          For seafood, I also like New England Fish Market, 1419 NE Jensen Beach Blvd also in Jensen Beach, but it gets crowded, so insist on a booth or a table in a corner. They sometimes have a "bug in a box" lobster special. They also sell fresh seafood to cook at home.

          Pusateri's Chicago Pizza, 221 SE Ocean Blvd in Stuart, is my pizza choice. We head there whenever we can.

          For a moderately priced dinner, we go to Delmonico Grill, 2801 SW Brighton St in Port. St. Lucie. Try the sweet potato fries and the Delmonico Steak Oscar. The restaurant is in the western part of St. Lucie County, near I-95 exit 118 and the new Town of Tradition.