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Aug 30, 2000 07:07 PM

Clearwater Beach or Sand Key?

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Flying into Tampa, getting a car & driving to beach areas Sept 10...not sure where I'm going yet, possibly one of these places, from the looks of it on my map. Anybody been (or at) there? Want great beach, nice hotel, & good chow. Willing to drive up to 1 hr from airport.

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  1. Although it's a little more than an hour away, try Sanibel Island! It's really really nice, fairly priced, good chow on the island, and the beaches are incredible and full of some of the most beautiful shells.

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      Thanks Jess for the suggestion...the weather looks kind of rainy for the Tampa area for this week so I might head south. It looks like I may have to drive for a few hours...I'll see when I get there!