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Aug 29, 2000 06:26 PM

ISO: food in Sarasota area

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my parents moved to just south of Sarasota a couple of years ago from the Washington, DC area after years of traveling alot and eating in good (not necessarily FINE) restaurants all over the world. They are having a hard time here. They can't seem to find much in the way of really good food - at any end of the spectrum! Whenever they go anywhere on recommendations, they seem to find that the food is very bland and boring. Does anyone have any finds in the Sarasota area (including Venice and Englewood). They would be so grateful!!! Thanks everyone!

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    Susan O'Grady

    Well, I don't know if either of these qualify as "finds" but had a very pleasant meal at Barnacle Bill's in Sarasota. All the Holiday Inn just over the Bridge (Longboat Key?) has a Friday night seafood buffet which was great; not only that, it's on the 7th floor, and you can watch the sun set over the ocean through the glass walls. I'm going down again next month, so I'm interested in any other suggestions people might have!

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      morton's market gourmet take-out,the siam orchid are good. the holiday inn is on lido key.the columbia on st.armand