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Aug 24, 2000 09:16 PM

Looking for information on South West Florida

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Check out the link below.


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  1. what kind of info are you looking for? And where is SW fla? Naples? Tampa? Your link didn't help.

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      My mom is actually looking for a place in Sarrasotta and a place in Tampa (not overly expensive) for lunch before we get on our flight! Can anyone help?

      1. re: Jess

        Check out my posts below on Tampa-- i refer to a lot of different places in various messages. They are all fair to cheap. I must say the Trang Viet Cuisine is among my favorites (2 locations), Lola Janes is great Creole food, Old Meeting House has a limited down-home menu, but its shakes and malts are the real attraction. Savvy Jack's is excellent classy southern fare, Goody Goody is the oldest drive-in restaurant east of the Mississippi (1925), and despite its looks, still makes great hamburgers and home made pies.

        Cuban/Spanish food is fairly uniform in the area, most of it cheap, filling and good. La Teresita is one of the cheapest eats in town, and the servings are huge. The meat is of quite low quality, however, like most cheap latin eats.

        like i said, check out my postings below for more detailed info--- there are a few of them.