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Aug 14, 2000 12:03 PM

miami sushi

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Any ideas for the best Sushi in the Miami Beach area? I'm going in September and have no clue. Also is the resataurant Chow still open?


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  1. First of all Chow closed. The best sushi restaurant is probably Opium on South Beach. If you want blowfish, you can get it there.

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    1. re: The Coop

      Returned from Miami and the Sushi I had went from Horrible to Good. Horrible is Sushi Rock Cafe. Warm and not that fresh fish, questionably young and careless staff, neon atmosphere, and blaring music. The worst of every Miami stereotype you could imagine. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

      Then on our last night we tried Toni's, the oldest in South Beach and the sushi was excellent only the conch was a disappointment. All in all I've had much better at NYC's mid level Sushi restaurants, like Taka.