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Jul 30, 2000 11:19 AM

Coffee Houses?

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Just moved here from Ohio left behind a beloved coffee house...any around with flavor?

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  1. Where are you located in Florida. If in the West Palm Beach area, travel to downtown Lake Worth - the Coffee Gallery, painted like a cow from the outside on Lake Ave. - great coffee and desserts, hang out, and quite a remarkable menu as well - try the black bean soup.

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    1. re: jp

      I'm located in Port Richey, which seems null and void of any exceptional coffee or places to hang out. Would love to find a place with acoustic music as well. Is this too much to ask for in Port Richey, or nearby places?

      1. re: Marla

        Marla - so sorry, I have no idea about your area, which I believe is on the west coast by Tampa, I live in Lake Worth, southeast coast. I do have a friend that goes to school in Tampa, I'll see if she has any suggestions about Port Richey.