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Jul 11, 2000 01:02 PM

Cedar Key (change of plans)

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alright, guys, i'm sorry. After complaining about the lack of hound advice about Key West, I'm no longer going. Too many factors to name here, so now my lady and I are going to Cedar Key for a shorter trip. Any one know of any good places there?

Oh, and i WILL make it to the Keys, and when i do, i'll use your advice and enclose a full report.

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  1. Pat's Red Luck on the water- the place is not impressive looking, but breakfast, lunch and dinner are the best on the island. The whole dining area is non smoking. Try a grouper sandwich for lunch, the daily specials or Bourbon shrimp for dinner. The quality and quantity of food are the tops on the island.

    The Island Room at the Cedar Cove condos is more upscale, white linen, etc and the food is good, but the service is often very slow. Frog's Landing has reopened in a new location after a 10 year break- the shrimp pizza is very good.

    The other establishments are very similar- fried seafood, clams (locally grown) with similar menus. Passable quality, but forgettable with trite nautical decor.