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Jun 14, 2000 06:19 PM

honeymoon in st. augustine

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Honeymooning in st. augustine in October and would like any recommendations on dining, all meals and Sunday brunch. Thank you.

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  1. Try a place called Bistro PJ. It's terrific.

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      Try to visit Amelia Island ( an exit or two up Route 95, the first FL exit after Georgia) to eat at the Florida Inn, an old boarding house that serves family style: meat loaf, catfish, cornbread, biscuits, greens, quail, brunswick stew, beans, corn, banana pudding, etc.They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

      1. re: claudia

        My husband and I spent part of our honeymoon in St Augustine in 1995. We revisit every year after xmas. Good choice!
        The must-eat place is O'Steens for lunch or dinner (closed sun, mon). Across the bridge of lions from the old town. the best fried shrimp and oysters anyone has ever eaten, swear to the deity of your choice. get there early and expect a line. Barnacle Bill's is a decent substitute on sun or mon, but not as good.
        Also check out La Parisienne in the old town (no lunch on wed, dinner only on thursday-sun.). excellent brunch food (not a buffet)- phenomenal croissants in all flavors and other delights.
        Make sure to check out the fort, the old town, and Flagler College. We like the edgewater inn for the view and the rocking chairs on the back dock - reasonable rates, clean, comfy beds, and they'll let you see the room first if you ask. right across the bridge of lions from old town.
        OK, it's a tome, but I love this town.

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          Thanks for the replies to my post about my honeymoon dining options. Just got back from a week in St. Augustine.....beautiful place. Very quite and relaxed. We walked old town, toured the fort, walked up the light house, went to the dog track, played golf, shopped and ate very well. My husband and I both appretiate good food so this was an important part. Wanted to let you know some of our discoveries....South Beach Grill, right on ocean, great sandwiches, interesting appetizers and wonderful specials, we ate here two lunches in a row; Oasis, we had breakfast here a couple of days, great fresh baked muffins, bottomless cup of coffee, fresh squeezed Florida orange juice, unbelievable hash browns, friendly, fast; Gypsy Cab Company...could be best restaurant in St. Augustine....tastely soups, excellent lunch specials..a must do. Two other places that we enjoyed for the atomosphere as much as the food were Harry's, sats right on the bay...we had an appetizer/soup lunch in court yard; Columbia, we had Sunday brunch was good and abundant. We sat beside the fountain on the second day of our honeymoon....very romantic. Lastly if you want to buy fresh seafood....The Sea Market. Most of these restaurants can be found at