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May 26, 2000 02:17 PM

South Florida-Ethiopian restaurants

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Does anybody know of any Ethiopian restaurants in Miami, Broward, or Palm Beach county?

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  1. sorry i can't be of more help, but the only one i know of off-hand is Ibex in Tampa. I hear it's pretty good, but have not been able to make it down there.

    perhaps you'll get a real suggestion, but I'm afraid Chowhounding in Florida isn't exactly jumping. asking questions here can be like tossing a coin into a well--- and not hearing it hit bottom. or perhaps just Tampa is so barren...

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    1. re: andy huse
      Florida Foodie

      ABBYSINNIA - Ethiopian. 4534 S. Orange Blossom Trail (1/2 mile S of I-4, or 2 miles N. of Fl Mall, in the corner of a strip mall at South
      OBT and Holden Street), Orlando. 11a-11p. 812-5660. Ate there in April 2000 -- the meat combo and the vegetable
      combo were both incredible.

      Others I have seen outside of Florida were many in DC, a couple in Boston, and I would expect a few in NY and LA.

      See the link below:


      1. re: Florida Foodie
        Florida Foodie

        I heard that the Miami Herald just wrote an article about this new restaurant:

        A Taste of Ethiopia
        1072 NE 163rd St.
        Miami, FL

        1. re: Florida Foodie

          I ate there twice.It was a nightmare. the food was inedible both times.The first visit was so bad we had to return.The second visit was even worse-if that is possible.

          1. re: victor
            Florida Foodie

            That probably explains why the phone is disconnected! I was heading to South Florida, but luckily not quick enough.

        2. re: Florida Foodie
          Florida Foodie

          Abbysinnia closed!

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