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May 14, 2000 08:53 PM

desperate need of good food in Boca Raton

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I live in los Angeles and I am off to visit my mother who resides in Boca Raton..I have yet to have a good meal in that city, or its surroundings..The only descent meal I had was at Zenith, but I am being generous by stating that.. I love fish, pasta and particularly sushi...Does anyone have ANY recommendations for a good place to eat is no object.....thanks!

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  1. Lisa: I will be going down to Boca this week. Two places that I am going to try to hit are the Pineapple Grille in Delray (fortunately or unfortunately located right off George Bush Blvd.) and the Sunfish Grille In Pompano.

    The Pineapple Grille serves what I guess is called Floribbean food (lots of seafood), and the Sunfish Grille specializes in seafood. Entrees average around $18-20 in both places.

    Another place that we like is the Kee' Grille in Boca. I have had some great tuna there. Similar price points.

    Mark's on the Park in Mizner Park is very popular; I haven't tried it yet. Supposed to be pricey but worth it.

    1. I suggest you try Cougars, Zemi, Culinario's, Tonini's.
      Also, pick up a copy of City Link Magazine (I'm their food critic), and check the Listings pages.

      1. Lisa - I am a native of the area, eat seafood at Two Georges in Boynton Beach, on the water, kind of grubby, just right though. The best sushi is a little far, but worth it - Hayashi(best crunch roll around) in Palm Beach Gardens ( north of West Palm Beach, take I-95 north, get off at Northlake go west take first left into a huge plaza w/ a Publix, it is there) Italian Don Ciccione - again West Palm Beach @ Lake Worth Road and Jog Road (it is pretty far west)it is old style, great pasta dishes w/ seafood, you cannot go wrong.

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          OK, I'll bite. What's a crunch roll?

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            I have found that what is a certain roll at one Japanese rest. is then a little different at another even with the same name, but at Hayashi, my fav., the crunch roll is crab(cooked), cream cheese(a must have in any roll of mine) and scallions, those are then wrapped in seaweed, then sushi rice(which is just like sticky rice for rolling) then fried in tempura. YUMMMMMM! Ask for eel sauce to dip the pieces in. Enjoy!

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            head south on 95 to hillsboro Blvd go east until over the intercoastel bridge. At lite make right then turn right at bend. On your left is the Whale's rib. The best seafood place tourist don't here about. Always pack with local and always great food. Cannot go wrong here.