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Mar 28, 2000 01:37 AM

Cotton's BBQ in Jacksonville

  • k

Childhood memories of Cotton's BBQ from 20 years ago are of a fantastic BBQ with a mustard based sauce. I'm returning to the state after an overseas duty tour. Does it still exist? Is it as good as I recall, and if so, whwere is it?

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  1. Hey Kevin. I know it's been awhile since you asked your question and I'm hoping that by now you've found and enjoyed your Cotten's BBQ! I also grew up on Cotten's and it ruined me for life - no RIBS anywhere have come even close, and I've tried lots of different kinds/places.

    There are two locations now for Cotten's; the old place on 16th/Main is still there, but the old folks have passed on and new management has taken over. My mother still swears that it's the best of the two locations. There is another Cotten's on Rogero Rd. in Arlington - I've gotten excellent ribs from there and the house salad dressing and BBQ sauce taste the same as the old place to me.

    Good luck and welcome home.


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      I tried Cotton's about two years ago, and I remember being unimpressed. However, I did not try the ribs - I think I had a pulled or sliced pork sandwich - so maybe I missed the best they had to offer. In my opinion, Mojo is the best in town right now. However, I'll give Cotton's ribs an effort.

    2. I love Cotton's and the way the sauce comes in the bottles with the hole poked in the top. Reminds me I haven't been in WAY too long but you can't miss the smell when you get close!