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  • PAUL DESORCY Jan 21, 2000 05:46 AM
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I will be in West Palm on 2/28 for dinner and 2/29 for lunch. Any recommendations would be appreciated!

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  1. Check our search engine. My son recently spent a week in Palm Beach and during that exact period some suggestions were posted about that area. He was pleased with the recommendations. I think he hit just about all of them. See what you think. pat

    1. Spoto's Oyster Bar on lower Clematis St. Anything else on that street is overrated, over-priced and not very good.
      Capri Blu on Dixie for superb Italian
      Craig's American Bistro also on Dixie, near Belvedere.
      Acquario in Palm Beach - great Mediterranean food at reasonable prices.
      Montezuma for great Mexican