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Dec 30, 1999 02:49 PM

Lila's of Miami -- best fries in the world

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I have lived in New York for the past 22 years, but whenever I get back to Miami, as I did over Christmas, I head straight to Lila's in the Westchester shopping center. I started at the original location (now closed) in little havana, but it doesn't matter. These are far and away the best fries in the world. I have eaten at all of New York's speciality places like Pommes Frites, I have eaten the fries all over Paris, in LA, Chicago, all over new york and new jersey, and I can't figure out why Lila's is half again better than the next best. They won't tell me either. Am I the only one that has such a fetish for these fries? I would seriously consider ordering them for my last meal. If I was Elvis I would fly my jet to Miami just to get those fries. Has anyone else ever had them? They are so light, and crispy but supple, and have such fresh potato flavor I can hardly believe it.

what do you people think?

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  1. I used to go to Lila's in Little Havana all the time in the late 70's and early 80's. The fries are fabulous! I would always get the chicken with the fries served right on top...I have been living in NY for the past 18 years now, but will be going to Miami soon...Where is the Westchester Shopping Center? I will definitely go!

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      It's on Coral Way, way out west -- past west miami. It's in the phone book and about a 20 minute drive
      from the airport. Go first thing. Why do you think
      the fries are so incredible? Did you ever have anything like them anywhere else?

    2. I thought the fries were the best ever as well. I loved the steak with a mountain of soft shoestrings on top. I live in Los Angeles and did not realize Lila's had close five years ago. What a loss. I wonder if anyone can reach the former owners and find out what they did to create those incredible fries! If anyone has the story about what happened to this great restaurant, please let us know. Seemed like a place that would survive the through the ages.

      1. You're right - my idea of heaven: a Lila's palomilla steak with a mountain of fries. The onions have softened with the heat of the grilled steak and the juices from onion and steak permeate the potatoes. Sigh. Lila's in Westchester was a once a week treat when I lived in Miami.