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Dec 20, 1999 11:43 PM

A Good Hot Dog in Ft. Lauderdale.

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Q) Where is the best place to get a Hot Dog?

A) Hot Dog Heaven. This is the place to go for a real Chicago style Hot dog completly made to order with all the fixins. It is located on the N side of Sunrise Blvd by Dixie Highway.

Another decent place for Hot Dogs is Nathans located on Federal Highway Between Davie Blvd and SR 84. The dogs here are good so are there fries.

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  1. Best Hot dog I know of has always been at Coney Island Hot dog which was for ages on 163rd st in North Miami Beach, and recently moved to 183rd street right near what was the Skylake mall (they recently redid that also). Haven't tried the new place, but can vouch heartily for them when they were on 163rd st. Spent many many a day in my youth there, and always go at least twice when I am visiting Miami. Will be there in Feb, and will let you know how 183rd st locale is.

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      The absolute best hot dog in Miami is Arbetters. Located on Bird Road(sw 40 st.) one block west of Galloway(sw 87 ave). It is a Miami institution. They have awesome chili dogs. Have been in business since 1951 or so. Always a line at lunch time and all day on the weekends. Is family owned and operated.

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      John Piekarski

      Try the CharHut on Commercial. They charbroil real hot dogs.