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Oct 1, 1998 03:07 PM

Florida finds

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We're just back from a few days in Miami and parts
further up the East Coast of Florida, and though the
hurricane forced a change in the original itinerary we
did find a couple of great places to eat that I'll pass
on. Tantra (in South Beach): great room, great food -
Chef Michelle (formerly of Le Bernardin)really pulled
out all the stops in a six course tasting menu. We
also ate at a wonderful place in the town of Jensen
Beach (near Port St Lucie) 11 Maple Street, that was so
good on Friday we went back the next night. If the
lobster sashimi app is on the menu that night do not
miss it. Both of these places were top top notch.

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  1. Some other great restaurants in the Miami area include Norman's in Coral Gables, Chef Allen's in Aventura and Mark's Las Olas in Ft. Lauderdale.

    If you are looing for something simple, but good and fresh, try Andre's in North Miami. The fish is excellent-you can have it plain or choose from a variety of sauce preparations, served with or without pasta. Whatever you want, you will find here. Andre is happy to accomodate. But, no reservations.