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Jun 12, 2006 01:14 PM

In search of Pho

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Hi All,

I have friends staying in your city to help with the rebuilding effort. I have already sent them to Domelise's for Po Boys, Middendorf's for catfish, but where to go for pho? As we have many good pho joints up here in NoVa, I have never had it when in New Orleans. I did some research and it looks like there are several outlets of Pho Tau Bay? It also looks like the westbank has several Vietnamese restaurants but that post was pre Katrina.


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    Hungry Celeste

    PTB is a good place to start; only one location is open right now (Westbank Expressway, west of Stumph Blvd). Has a full menu--bahn mi, bun, bahn hoi, rice platters--not just pho, but has all sorts of pho permutations. Also on the westbank (Belle Chasse Highway) is Tan Dinh, which has a slightly more ambitious menu, but also offers pho.

    Try any of the Pho Bang locations (one in NO East & one on Westbank on Manhattan)--it's a chain with passable pho.

    Pho Dahn 7, located inside the Hong Kong supermarket on Behrman Hwy, is a pho-only joint, filled with lots of post-shopping families & kids. I really like Pho Dahn; it's a fun, bustling spot for a quick bite. Try a bubble tea from Mr. Bubbles (across the hall from PD).

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      Ms. Celeste, do any of the places you mentioned have the Pho tables. I don't know what they call them but they have the square cut out in the middle of the table with the heating element below where you can keep the Pho hot and add things as you desire? I have not found one in NO but they used to have them in Houston.

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        Hungry Celeste

        I don't know of any here in NOLA, but I certainly haven't tried all of the (pre-Katrina) places out in the East. Mostly, you'll get a bowl of broth (several sizes available, some large enough to share) with noodles already in the bowl, along with your choice(s) of protein, with maybe a little sliced onoin, chopped shallot, or a few leaves of cilantro on top. All of the add-ins and garnishes are served separately on a side plate or basket; most often, these are mung bean sprouts, quartered limes, sliced japalenos, rau ram, mint, cilantro, holy basil, etc. And of course, condiments on the table: red wine vinegar, hoisin or plum sauce, siracha, nuoc mam, etc.

        At some places, you can get vinagrette fondue, which sounds closer to what you describe. A hot pot over a sterno flame is filled with a vinegary broth, and you get to dunk in raw beef & other ingredients, which you then wrap in rice papers & eat.

    2. My favorite has always been Pho Hoa on Manhattan in Harvey, close to the Burlington Mills store

      1. I've been to Pho Tau Bay and to Pho Bang a number of times. For Pho, my definite preference is Pho Bang. I like my pho with the thinly sliced rare beef. To my taste, the thin-sliced beef is much better at Pho Bang and the stock is a little less greasy. We usually go for a breakfast of pho on the weekends and the place is hopping in a really nice way -- lots of families chatting and usually a table of old guys drinking cup after cup of Vietnamese tea. I think their hours are 7 -7.

        Now, if you want bun cha or one of the Vietnamese po-boys, Pho Tau Bay is a great choice. Tan Dinh has such an extensive menu that I haven't even gotten to the pho there yet. I can tell you that Tan Dinh's cabbage salad with chicken makes a wonderful dinner.

        I'm eager to try some of the other places that Hungry Celeste mentioned. Have fun and please post a review of your pho experience!

        1. I usually go to Pho Danh 2 in the Hong Kong Market toward the opposite END of the food court whenever I go into town. The walking is worth it.

          1. new place for Pho: Doson Noodle House on North Carrollton across the street from Venezia. Your choices are beef or chicken Pho. At $7.95, it's not the cheapest nor the best pho in town, but it's more convenient (for me at least) than the westbank or n.o. east.

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              I'm pretty excited about Doson's reopening (they used to be on Oak). I liked the chinese food there as well, veggies were very fresh.

              Also if you're stuck uptown, Jazmine Cafe at Riverbend is not bad for pho either. I'd love to go to Tan Dinh every time, but that drive is just not always in the cards.