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Where to buy a pickling crock (SEA)?

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Has anybody seen a pickling crock for sale in Seattle? I've checked the usual suspects (Sur la table, City Kitchens, Williams-Sonoma) but have come up empty. I'd like to make pickles in it so I need one that is functional and not just decorative. Thanks for you help!

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  1. Maybe ask the nice people at Hardwick's. They surely has a rolodex of weird suppliers around there, someplace...
    Other candidates ??? Restaurant supply houses (bargreen ellison, barmart), farm feed stores (get out of town) or the mercantile people at PCC, City People's Mercantile, the buyers at that big flowerpot place on First, Delis (heh heh) or Deli-like environments (PFI, Delaurenti...)
    ??? good luck and say what happens...

    1. I'm surprised you couldn't find one at Sur La Table. I bought an excellent 3 gallon crock there last October for sauerkraut.

      The earthenware crocks are still listed in their online catalog. See the URL.
      Good luck and let us know if you find one.

      PS: Too bad Chubby & Tubby's is gone -- They always had good crocks.

      Link: http://www.surlatable.com/common/prod...

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        Thanks so much for your reply. I looked at the crocks from Sur La Table and they're quite nice, but I really need one with a cover and a little channel so that I can water seal the whole thing. Some pickling crocks also come with glazed stoneware weights to keep the pickles submerged. Any more ideas? Thanks again!

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          For my sauerkraut, I simply filled a garbage bag with water and put it on top of the cabbage. Voila! Weight and seal.

          Unfortunately, the bag had a couple slow leaks and the brine got a little diluted (not fatally). This year, I'll fill the bag with brine.

          Don't know if that approach will work for your pickles.


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            i just put a dinner plate on top. Works.

        2. Not what you're looking for, but Uwajimaya has pickle presses, so maybe they have crocks too.

          1. I would recommend as a economical "Crock" type container to use for Pickling that you check out"The Cellar" located at 14411 Greenwood Avenue North, Seattle.

            I have purchased from them Food Service Grade Plastic Containers with Lids that we use for making 7 Gallons of Sauerkraut or Pickles, kept in a cool place, weights and inside covers brought from Thrift Shops that work terrific.

            Prices are reasonable, and the containers have may uses, they also have stirrers, measures and funnels, possibly even a Saline and Brix Measure.. I have seen 3 Gallon Pickling Crocks that cost more then $100.00, that don't make better tasting pickles.


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              Brewing Supply houses are another possibility. In these places, as in hardware sorts, you hope to find a really old timer, who might remember who the vendors were...

            2. d
              David Fairfax

              I bought mine at a ranch supply store--sure, it's just a five gallon bucket, but it works great. A couple of brine bags on top, and you're all set. My pickles all get made in the basement, so it doesn't have to be cute, though. Won't work unless you've got sort of a "True-Value-chic" thing going on in your house.

              1. You may have already made your purchase, but the place to go is mail order. Lehman's Non-Electric Hardware in Pennsylvania is for those of the Amish persuasion who have and want no electricity. They have a 10 gallon crock (and other various sizes) and also have wooden lids to fit them. Check under "Kitchen".
                Lot's of other great stuff too.

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                1. There is an auction on Feb 21 in Walla Walla they have 3 crocks all have lids. They have online bidding with viewable items. and shipping available. there are pics of them on the pdf flier
                  These are the numbers:
                  528 RED WING 12-GAL CROCK (CHIP)
                  529 RED WING 5-GAL CROCK JUG

                  The auction co.link is

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                    This answer is just nuts, I know, but we were just around the corner from Maneki, in front of the Panama Hotel (on Main?) a half-our ago and there was a jumblish storefront window (I think there was a For Leas sign there, too) and in it were 2 real-deal old crocks. I have no idea if they are for sale, beyond that everything is for sale, but there it is. Looked just like the ones mom used to make pickles in our basement, 50 years ago; I'd guess probably 3 and 5 gallons, but I don't really speak the language.

                  2. How about a kimchi jar from H Mart (Lynnwood)? They have multiple sizes.

                    I've also seen kimchi fridges there - to store and control the fermentation of your pickles ($1000+)


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                      Check this place out. They have lots of different sizes and also look like what I've seen used in commerical kitchens. And they also have the really great German stoneware crocks.


                      Make some sauerkraut, then some pastrami, or corned beef in these. Perfect for anything like that. I want to learn more about kimchi making. Cool stuff !

                    2. I have purchased many sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickling crock pots from Mike Snyder in Portland, Oregon. He has a big selection of sauerkraut making tools. I purchased a 2 gallon Harsch sauerkraut crock pot from Germany, a Wooden Box Cabbage Slicer, a one gallon glass jar "Pickle Sauerkraut and KimChi Maker", and a probiotic starter culture. You can buy the Harsh crocks and sauerkraut jars on his website at http://store.TheRawDiet.com/sakicrpo.... or by calling him at 503-771-3904, they make it really easy to make pickles and sauerkraut! The glass jars cost about $32 with shipping, and the crocks cost around $135 with shipping.

                      1. Since someone else has revived this, thought I'd chime in. I had this dilemma a year ago, and after much looking, found the perfect one: a large glass candy jar. I found it at Cash n' Carry up near Shoreline, but I'm sure other Cash n' Carry stores have them. $15, I think (maybe $20). Plastic buckets scare me, since I don't like the thought of it off-gassing. Also, it's intended use was Japanese live-culture pickles, and hence long-term storage of material.

                        I killed my culture, however, due to a vacation, so am looking forward to using it for vinegared and brined pickles, too. Hope this helps!


                        1. Burley crocks : www.zanesvillepottery.com/ -- I get the "blemished" ones and they're amazing as well as a good deal.

                          1. We've moved a digression on the disadvantages of using plastic containers for pickling to the Home Cooking board, at http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/605651

                            1. We have handmade decorative yet very functional pickling crocks at http://www.appliedcrafts.com

                              1. I don't know, but I'd check Hardwick's, Greenwood Hardware, and a brewing supply store (there's one up on Greenwood).

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                                  The original poster's request was ages ago now; the thread was bumped by the company above you promoting their product.

                                  Incidentally, I found both my pickling crocks at Goodwill for a few bucks each on the same day. There are almost always some.

                                2. Hello I may have what you need. I have a few crocks that my grandparents used for saurekraut . I think I have 2- 1 gallons / 1- 8 Gallon / and 1 so big I have no idea what size it is. My E-Mail is Junk4U2Treasure@Yahoo.com