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Dessert in Capitol Hill

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Anyone know of a good dessert place around/in the Capitol Hill area? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Have you tried the lounge at 1200 Bistro?

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      Can you say a little more about the lounge at 1200 Bistro? Descriptions, please.

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        I am not big fan of the bistro side of 1200 Bistro. I prefer the lounge for a nightcap and dessert. It's a great space but more importantly the creme brulee is tasty.

    2. Two words - Dilettante Chocolate. Great Ephemere sundaes and various ice cream dishes.

      1. There are several places, but I need to point out two specific desserts that I love that you can find on the hill:

        El Diablo from Tango.
        The Diplomatico from the Resaurante Machiavelli

        But if your going *just* for desserts, Dilletente is not bad, but I prefer B&O on Belmont Ave

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          Gotta second Tango's El Diablo. Definitely worth trying. I'm also a sucker for the Coupe Caramel sundaes at Dilletante's.

        2. Bacchus at Harvard and Roy serves an excellent greek custard...I can't remember the greek name but it is a farina custard inside a phyllo crust with orange water and honey. Impeccable...and amazing with the strong greek coffee.

          1. The hazelnut brown butter financier (bite sized pyramid-shaped cakes) with coffee-flower honey and coffee caramel at Licorous

            THey even have NOnino Amaro (digestif) which (surprisingly) none of the upscale Italian restaurants around here seem to offer

            1. lark (the big sister of licorous) will happily serve you dessert if they have room ...

              though not on cap hill (yet!) le pichet has great late nite desserts ..

              1. Isn't the space formerly known as Fork reincarnating as a fancy dessert place?

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                  IIRC, it's the former pastry chef from Earth and Ocean. To be called Coco La Ti Da.

                2. crush is a little off the hill, but the desserts are amazing!