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Apr 2, 2006 12:52 PM

any good vegetarian fare in NOLA?

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I will be visiting New Orleans in a few weeks with my brother, a strict ovo-lactarian vegetarian - he'll eat eggs and dairy. (But he's not a vegan).

Does anyone have any good recommendations either for a good vegetarian restaurant, or a good restaurant that has several vegetarian dishes on its menu?

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  1. I cannot imagine being crippled by vegetarianism in NOLA...seriously!

    And I don't know about good or not, since I'm not a vegetarian, and wouldn't be able to properly judge these things...but I can give you a starting place:

    Bennachin - 1212 Royal is Central & West African Food. They're open and they serve vegetarian dishes.

    The Gumbo Shop on 630 St. Peter serves a vegetarian gumbo.

    Basil Leaf on 1438 S. Carrolton is open, and they serve vegetarian.

    Angeli on Decatur serves some vegetarian.

    The Hookah Cafe in the Marigny, 500 Frenchmen serves vegetarian and is happy to prepare vegetarian dishes upon request.

    The Red Fish Grill on 115 Bourbon advertises they have vegetarian. Their sample menu only shows one vegetarian appetizer - Ponchatoula Strawberry Goat Cheese Salad. - but perhaps they serve vegetarian upon request.

    Since your friend eats eggs and milk products - maybe a heavy brunch at Court of Two Sisters would be in order. They have a buffet there with some vegetable selections, and you can order eggs anyway you like them, as many ways and as many as you want. Just a thought.

    Good luck, sorry you're not getting many responses.

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      Thank you, Susan. Very helpful and a larger selection than I would have imagined.

    2. My vegetarian friend was very happy with her eggs Sardou at Galatoire's when we ate there for supper. I would call some restaurants you're interested in and see if they're willing to do a veggie option for you. Places I've heard that deal well with this include Bayona and Dick and Jenny's. Any of the middle eastern places would have several options as well.

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        Thanks, Jess...

        I wondered the same thing...if the nicer places wouldn't accomodate upon request. That's a good suggestion.

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          Thanks, good idea.

        2. I am vegetarian and I ate some of the most interesting dishes while in New Orleans, so much so that I was inspired to start my blog on travelling as a vegetarian.
          Link to some reviews and recommendations......

          1. Hey There,
            There are plenty of great places to eat vegetarian fare in NOLA. My favorites:
            Lola's on Esplanade in Mid City (cash only)
            Taqueria Corona on Magazine Uptown
            Lebanon's on Carrollton in the River Bend
            Cochon in the Warehouse District(call ahead and Stephen can make sure to have something--he is the best).
            Surrey's Cafe on Magazine in the Lower Garden
            Pho Tao Bay on the West Bank
            Kim Son on the West Bank


            1. Oops, didn't realize this post was resurrected from the dead.