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Dress codes?

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We will be coming to New Orleans for 3 days, and in packing we were hoping to pack as little as we can.
Which popular restaurants in and around the FQ would wearing nice jeans and decent top(not T shirt) not be acceptable?

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  1. There are a few...

    For starters, you can get by with that at Muriel's, especially for lunch.

    Also, Bourbon House.

    See my trip report on the board not too far down.

    1. After 5, I believe, Galatoire's requires jackets for men; Antoines may as well.

      1. There are dress codes, and then there are places where I wouldn't wear jeans though they wouldn't refuse to seat me. What restaurants are you interested in? We can tell you what is normally worn.

        Jeans would definitely not be out of place at K-Paul's. Also, as a woman, I can wear very dressy jeans to places my husband would not wear jeans. IMO, anyway. If you could pack a pair of khakis instead of the jeans, it would be much easier to fly under the radar at dressy places.

        1. I would definitely feel out of place at Arnaud's, Antoine's or Galatoire's in jeans.

          Actually, we wore jeans to K-Paul's for dinner and got seated in the back near the kitchen. The service was good and the food was great (although I think I picked the wrong entree), and my husband even got to meet Chef Paul which was great!

          But I think we would have gotten fewer stares, and been seated better if we had opted for khakis and polos and the like.

          This recent visit, I packed a pair of thin black slacks and a couple of nice shirts that could have been worn with either them or jeans. I only took one pair of shoes...a shiny pair of black Skechers. With the right accessories, make-up and hair-do...pretty simple ensemble can be dressed up. My husband took a pair of dockers and a nice collared casual shirt, belt and black shoes. It got us in to most places comfortably.

          Some of the very nice, upscale places require a jacket especially for dinner.

          1. I think you would be limiting yourself without just one nice outfit. That means no Galatoires, no Clancy's, Herbsaint, Bayona, Peristyle, Cuvee, August, etc.
            But, if you do insist, the Redfish Grill is very casual and quite good. I think GW Fins would not insist on any dressy clothing either.

            1. Without touching off one of those word wars that periodically sweep the assorted food boards, I would like to say that it is quite refreshing to learn that there are restaurants that still maintain a dress code and people who are concerned about complying with them. I know I'm old and old fashioned but dressing up for dinner is a delightful thing to do and, in my opinon, adds to the pleasure of a special night out. I believe this is true not only for me but for my follow patrons and for the restaurant staff itself.

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                I quite agree! Jeans and a top are for very casual places. The whole point of New Orleans is to go to special places not found anywhere else in he world like Arnaud's, Galatoire's, Broussard's, Arnaud's etc. where you can do something other than go to Outback Steakhouse of an evening. Pelican Club, Muriel's, Stella! - I mean anywhere would prefer more upscale dessing I'm sure

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                  Wanna go to a really nice place, dress really nicely.

                  Wanna go somewhere upscale, dress upscale.

                  Wanna go somewhere upscale/casual, dress upscale/casual.

                  You get the idea.

                  The great thing about New Orleans is that delicious food can be found in the "very nice" restaurants and also in the corner local sandwich shop.

                  It just depends on what type of food you want, and what you want your dining experience to be. New Orleans is a great place!

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                    Good question, Spyro.

                  2. re: Lucy B

                    Here, here, Lucy B; well said.

                    Our treatment, and our "feeling" when dining dressed for business; or put-together, business casual or semi-formal has always been memorable. Thanks for posting.

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                      Hmmm, now I'm wondering, does Galatoire's require a jacket at lunch? I suppose my honey could borrow one of theirs...hee...

                      And Upperline? Is it a jacket-for-dinner kinda of place, or just a no jeans, kinda upscale kinda place?