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Feb 23, 2006 01:56 PM

Mosca's update

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The new, coppery-colored CorTen roof is complete, the addition seems to be finished, outside is freshly painted, and yesterday, four gas company trucks and a backhoe were installing a gas line to the rear of the building. The old hours of operation sign is back up over the front door, and a vinyl banner proclaims "Mosca's Opening Soon". No date is posted.

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  1. Keep us posted. I can't wait to be able to phone da joint, and have dat mortuary-mug-like voice answer, "M O S C A ". His greeting always provided the perfect punctuation mark to a sketchy ride into the Suburban Italian Creole MobSwamp. The period BEFORE the sentence. So Noir.

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    1. re: b stella
      Hungry Celeste

      Brett Anderson stated recently in the Times Pic that the opening date was some time in March. I had to laugh at your "sketchy ride"'s funny to see your ordinary, everyday commute painted with such exoticism.

      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        this is one place i have always wanted to visit, but i never have a car. can it be done via taxi?

        1. re: beaumont

          Absolutely. Veteran cab drivers don't need directions.

    2. mosca's 2008?

      was thinking of going july 4 weeked nd but don'tsee any recent posts. what's going on with mosca's?

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      1. re: sadie1

        4137 Hwy 90 W
        Avondale, LA 70094-2464
        Phone: (504) 436-8950

        it's open