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Oct 16, 2005 09:29 AM

Any word on Sara Roahen, former food critic for Gambit?

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Where are you?

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  1. Sara is in DC, I think. She wrote a story not long after the storm about NOLA. If I can find the story, I'll post the link.


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    1. re: Robert

      No, she had to move to Philadelphia after the storm. Her new book Gumbo Tales is officially released on Tuesday but you can find it now.

      1. re: Frolic

        Yeah, I don't know where I got that idea, or what the link was supposed to lead to.

        I'm going to pick the book up today, for sure. It looks great.

        Also, thanks rocuronium, for the link to that interview. I'd missed it.

    2. Her website, with photo albums to match every chapter

      A cool review/interview

      1. I have read a few chapters of her book, and have to say that there was a lump in the back of my throat the whole time... because I was gagging a bit from how pretentious it was. She wrote for the Gambit and didn't care to stay in the city after the research for her book was done. It really felt like she was interviewing with a book deal in mind rather than out of sincere interest. What did you all think about it?

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          A lot of us on this board know Sara and know she is humble to a fault. Also, as explained in the book, it is her husband's medical training that tore them away. They are trying hard to move back

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            Wow--can't say that I agree with ANY of your impressions. She did an oral history with my family on a different project, and I certainly found her genuinely interested, enthusiastic, emphathetic, and professional. And she's a good eater, too.

            1. re: iknowwhatitmeans

              Pretentious? Are you kidding? She wrote a hell of a good book.