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Jul 28, 2005 01:32 PM

Best muffaletta in La - N.Orleans, Baton Rouge, or Cajun country

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Looking for the best muffaletta ....location is not that important, but a dive place with great food and cheap beer (or better yet BYOB) would be even better.

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  1. If you don't mind driving, I think DiMartino's on the west bank has the best muff. in town.

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    1. re: Tom

      I'm partial to central grocery on S Peter St (NOLA). It's a grocery store with tables in the back. Order a quarter or half muffaletta and a few beers. Best in town.

      1. re: aliisa

        Central Grocery has been hit-or-miss with me for some years, ever since the place was renovated. They were making pre-fab ones for awhile--have not been in some time tho so cannot say what's going on now. The olive salad used to be the best going but was better if you crushed more garlic in it and let it sit in the back of the icebox for a few days.

        Oddly enough, in lowly Baton Rouge you can get a good muff at Anthony's Italian Deli on Florida Blvd in the "Bon Ami" Shopping Center (strip mall sort of thing). Remarkable, especially considering the fact that in BR good bread is hard to come by.

        1. re: Hazelhuurst
          Hungry Celeste

          Nor-Joe's just off of Metairie Road near the train tracks...

          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            Central Grocery. AND DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU IT'S BETTER HOT. It's not, it's just a gloppy mass of melted cheese and other things, like the crap you get from bad pizza joints.

            1. re: Amanda

              sorry, but imho central grocery winns hands down. grab a couple of dixies and eat at the counter or maybe head over to the river.

              hot muff's should be illegal!!!!

              1. re: tomkat

                I've been to NO a few times over the years most recently in April. I have never been disappointed with a Central Grocery Muffaletta. This is where they originated and they are delicious! Don't heat it.

                Now I'm craving one!

          2. re: Hazelhuurst

            Anthony's muffs are great. I would eat them every day if I could. They are made like true professionals do and are great tasting. Their mini muffs are very good too!

            1. re: Hazelhuurst

              2 muffs in 2 days in BR. Went to Rocco's on Drusilla based on recommendation from a local with a respected palette. I ordered mine cold, so I had a better feel for the bread. The sandwich was ok, with the exception of the bread. Now I know why they heat it up, so they can use stale bread. The bread was NOT good. Next day I went to Anthony's for the muff sub. Once again, I was looked at like a zombie for ordering it cold. Though it was a sub, and not an original muff, it was so much better than Rocco's. The bread was fresh, light & airy..... I'll be back to try one heated. Still have to get back down to NO to try Frankie's, and retry Central. The one I got at Central last year was nothing short of what I wanted/expected.

              1. re: n9723x

                I'm glad to hear that Ant'ny's is holding up. Have not been there in ages.

            2. re: aliisa

              I am not particularly impressed with this place. I bought a muff there and it was cold and they said it was too late to heat it up. It was ok but I have definately had better.

            3. re: Tom

              World Deli on Clearview Parkway and West Esplanade in Metairie has an excellent muffaletta. Have it heated.

              1. re: Bob

                I second World Deli. Also Parran's on Veterans near Cleary.

                1. re: Fat Harry
                  Tha Groovin' Gourmet

                  Hmmmmm...I just realized we are muffaletta virgins. So it's warm at World Deli. Warm or cold at Parran's? And not at all Central Market from what read around here.

                  My missus turns her nose up at olive salad (just like the countless
                  previous fabulous foodstuffs that I have since made her like).

                  Of the 2 places, who's got the more meaty, less olivey version? That's where we should go first.

              2. re: Tom

                Much of the people posting this information obviously have no clue about New Orleans. DiMartinos' muffs are HORRIBLE!

                Whoever said Nor-Joe's hit the nail on the head. Its a little Italian Deli that uses the best ingrediants and produces the best product in town. Its a little hard to find though, especially if you are from out of town. Its right off Metairie Road next to the rail road tracks.

                And as for Central Grocery, their quality has definitley dropped, and as a result it has turned into mostly a tourist shop. I would stay away from it.

                1. re: Jay

                  DiMartino's is the worst. We heard so much about the place and decided to give it a try last weekend. $16 later and would have been a ripoff at $4. No meat, stale,,and I mean STALE bread, and attitude from the cashier. Will never go back.
                  Nor-Joe's hands down winner in the city. In a pinch, Zara's on Prytania is not bad, better in my opinion then Central.

                  1. re: ichabodsdad

                    There have been many "muff threads," and some even older than this zombie.

                    For MY ultimate muff, I have to go back too many years. Frank's Deli, just up from Central Grocery had the best. They were hot, right from the little toaster oven on the counter. Frank, and his wife Phyliss, did good muffs, but Frank's M-I-L was the best, by far. Her's were always perfect. Though hot, they were anything BUT a mess. The olive salad was made daily, and by hand.

                    I turned several food writers onto Frank's muffs, and all were wowed. This was in a day, before the Internet and bloggers. These folk wrote their articles on paper in a typewriter. Alas, Frank, and his M-I-L are now long gone. The children have gone more upscale, and I have only one muff there. It was OK, but the soul was missing.

                    I have also had those from Central Grocery, over the years, and they were all also OK.

                    Have not tried the ones from Nor-Joe's, but probably should, to see if they can erase my memories of Frank's and the ones that his M-I-L made.

                    Though a zombie, this thread might well help others in the future. At least here's hoping.


              3. muff #3 in 3 days..... Still in BR. I think I hit the jackpot this time. Patience is a virtue. Visited Beauregard Gallery and Bistro today. Once again, I got it cold, to test the freshness of the bread. I'm going back!!!!!!!!!! The bread was fresh, the olive salad very good, and all three meats were there. There was plenty of meat may I add. The pitfall of this place is the lack of operating hours. That is the ONLY negative comment. Really nice place to eat, friendly staff to go along with the meal, which is reasonably priced @ 8.95 for a half. This the best one I've had here, and I'm going to let them warm it up next time!!!!!!!!!! Countless searches couldn't list the hours, so here they are:

                Beauregard Gallery & Bistro
                715 Europe St.
                Baton Rouge, LA

                only open for lunch
                Monday - Friday, 11:00AM - 2:00PM

                225 383-1932

                Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!

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                1. re: n9723x

                  Thanks for the info..I am regularly in BR so I'll make a point of going there.