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Jun 29, 2005 08:53 PM

Best Mexican food?

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I am in search of an excellent Mexican restaurant in New Orleans and would greatly appreciate any recommendations.

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  1. Not Juan's Flying Burrito. Sorry, but this is the only mexican place I've been to in NOLA and I didn't like it.

    1. Mexican food is one area where New Orleans is very weak.
      For truly Mexican food, the only place I know that's any good at all is Taquero/Coyoacan on St. Charles. It is truly Mexican dining. Tacos and other less expensive dishes downstairs, and Mexican fine dining with an excellent chef upstairs.
      For Southwestern food -- sorta New Mexico/Texas food,
      Santa Fe on Frenchmen is very good. Neither place is cheap, but the plates of food at Santa Fe are very large.
      I've never finished my plates there.
      The rest of the "Mexican restaurants" are a real disappointment to anyone from the southwest, or who has traveled in Mexico extensively.

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      1. re: jayne

        I agree, not much good mexican food.

        More about Taquero's-- many people are very annoyed to find that this is not a place that serves fajitas with a big pile of rice and refried beans on the side. It is very authentic, quite expensive, and the chef does not take kindly to substitutions. Completely worth it in my opinion.

        Many people find Taqueria Corona to be very good, it's more the American idea of a mexican restaurant,without being too gloppy. I've never been much of a fan of Santa Fe, but everyone else I know likes it. They do have fantastic margaritas.

        You might have more luck with Central American or Cuban stuff-- Liborio's downtown is quite good (Cuban), and recently reviewed in the paper (and by a few other people I know) as being good is Fiesta Latina out on Airline Hwy.

        I recently reviewed Vera Cruz on Maple St, which has been bad for a very long time, but recently acquired a new chef, and I've been very happy with my 3 meals there this spring. I'll link the review below. And I notice someone responded with another suggestion on that thread.


        1. re: Jess

          Taqueros Coayacan is two restaurants, the more formal one being upstairs. If you want really cheap stuff and I don't think it's too bad you can go to Country Flame on Iberville. They do some Cuban stuff too.

          1. re: Jess

            Taqueros Coayacan is two restaurants, the more formal one being upstairs. If you want really cheap stuff and I don't think it's too bad you can go to Country Flame on Iberville. They do some Cuban stuff too.

            1. re: bwdirector

              ah , the country flame, fueling the quarter's workers,scumbags, vagrants, and tourists for a long time now. i remember in the early 90ies they had a more expansive cuban menu... cheap but definitley hit and miss..broiled pork chops arnt bad for greasy ultilitarian fare.
              tostones fried extra crisp with salt and lime... i miss new orleans.

              also good hit and miss, with a decidedly more central-american flair is the plate lunch at the Union supermarket, next to thrift city and rock n bowl.

              1. re: swampy

                when did union supermarket reopen by rock n bowl? i know it's been open out in kenner for a while. as for best mexican/central american, i'd say the taco trucks. not all are the same but it's definitely fun to try them all out. taqueria is my favorite of the uptown offerings but you have to keep in mind that the owners aren't mexican, they're from central america (i think el salvador? i've forgotten by now).

                1. re: missmable

                  Union Supermarket is still closed. They're tearing down and rebuilding everything but Rock 'n' Bowl.

            2. re: Jess

              Tauqeria Corona is not necessarily completely Americanized. Why would they serve tongue.

              1. re: Tara

                I didn't say it was completely Americanized. I said it's more what americans expect: tacos or enchiladas that come with a side of rice and refried beans.

              2. re: Jess

                Santa Fe on Frenchmen is gone!! A new restaurant- La Vita (the same as the one in Mid-City) opened there last week.

                1. re: Jess

                  If you want to go the Cuban, South/Central- American route, Maya's at 2027 Magazine is absolutely wonderful!! They do a slow roasted pork to die for that they serve over gallo pinto with pico de gallo, and they have the most delicious pan-fried plantains with this lovely cool creamy dipping sauce; also a truly killer chile relleno. My dad always calls the restaurant ahead of time to make sure they have them before we go in. Everything is thoughtfully seasoned and very well-executed and they always have a TON of yummy specials to choose from. Also they have very excellent cocktails...


              3. Taqueria Jalisco or Taqueria La Mexicana, both on Terry Parkway on the westbank. these are the only "authentic" places that I know of.

                Also have heard rumors of a Taqueria on Airline Dr. all the way out in Kenner.

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                1. re: Chris

                  I'm glad to see some one actually pitching real mexican food and not some hybrid "cuisine".

                  1. re: batterdip

                    I agree. I enjoy both, particularly the chilaquiles at La Mexicana as well as the gorditas and chile relleno at Jalisco. I have found that, for those who say that there is no good Mexican food in N.O., they have generally not been to either of these places.

                    1. re: batterdip

                      anyone know the deal with the new restaurant called "The Kitchen" on Canal St? I heard it's "mexican food" but don't know if it's real mexican or just more nachos and quesadillas.

                      1. re: Chris

                        It's central American and its fantastic.

                  2. Can anyone update this post? Are these places still open -- and are they still good?

                    Thanks in advance.

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                    1. re: Adrienne

                      Give us about 6 months to a year and this place should be crawling with good true Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants, thanks to Katrina. There are real good taco trucks all over town now.

                      1. re: Adrienne

                        While I have not been to La Mexicana since the storm, I hear it is open. I have been to Jalisco several times, and it is always packed, and the food is just as good as it was before. There is also a new Central American place on Stumph, about 1-2 blocks off of Terry. Also try Christy's PoBoys on Stumph for excellent Cuban food, particularly their oxtail stew and ropa vieja.

                        1. re: Adrienne

                          Vera Cruz is still open, but the new chef they had before the storm is not back, so I can't recommend going there.

                          Fiesta Bistro by Lebanon's on Carrollton is new this year, they have a little tapas menu that's pretty good. They also have tacos etc.

                          1. re: Adrienne

                            Just went to Coyocan on the corner of St. Charles and Martin Luther King Blvd. last night (3/16/07). Post-Katrina, they no longer have the two different restaurants as described above, and everything is located downstairs. A beautiful dininng room, with dim lighting, lots of room between tables, and our server was really great. They did a nice presentation of orders from their extensive (20+) tequila list and served me a nice Michelada, which isn't something I'd been able to order elsewhere in New Orleans.

                            Seems like they've combined the lower-end and higher end menu items from the two different restaurants. From the giant open kitchen came some steaks and high-end traditional mexican dishes (Chile Relleno con carne, Pollo con mole) in the $18-30 range, and burritos, enchiladas, etc. for $5-10. I had two double-fist-required bean and cheese burritos for $4 each. Simple, but good. I spent more on my drinks than my meal, which isn't a bad thing.

                            The waiter said they are trying to get enough staff to open up the upstairs, but until that happens, they'll just run the downstairs and serve off of both menus.

                          2. The Kitchen, referenced above, is gone. It's now a coffee shop.