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Apr 28, 2005 12:12 PM

Tony Angelo's

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No one talks about Tony Angelo's on this board, and I must admit it always slips my mind when I come around to recommending restaurants. The fact that it's a bit out of the way might have something to do with it.

Anyway, this was one of my favorite restaurants growing up. I always imagined I was eating in a room full of mafiosos, and there definitely seemed to be a few who fit the bill. Seemed also that a lot of Metairie Italians ate here.

Has anyone been to Tony Angelo's recently who can give us a report?

My one beef with the place was that even when you had reservations you often faced an epic wait for a table, and the maitre'd did nothing to appease you, even when you pointed to the picture of your grandfather on the wall :) (I think too many people can claim that distinction for it to be worth something.)

Though the wait was always worth it for the "Feed Me" special--and the amazing lobster cup! Though the real star here is the atmosphere--a split-level metairie cottage that feels like you walked into someone's (noisy and crowded) home. Everyone dresses up. It truly is a special place. I'd love an update.

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  1. went there in the fall and it was great. like you said, the atmosphere really takes this place to the top, but the food is good and seemed reasonably priced. I think maybe one of the reasons it isn't discussed here is people kinda want to keep this place a secret, and also they really aren't doing anything remarkable with the food. but for italian I must say it's leaps and bounds ahead of a place like Vincent's.

    1. I went in February with a big group. We did the Feed Me. We did indeed wait more than an hour past our reservation time, so I was somewhat liquored up by the time we got to the table, so yes, the food was indeed fabulous. I remember in particular the osso buco (most people were grossed out by the marrow, so I got a lot of it) and some sort of soft shell crab in tomato sauce.

      1. I have been three times since Tony Angelo's reopened. It looks the same. It feels the same. It tastes the same. There is one difference I have found. It is not as busy. I haven't had to wait for table and one of the nigts I went was New Year's Eve.

        1. Going back pre-K, we dined there a handful of times. My step-FIL was a good friend and sang the praises. Do not recall dining there, when we lived in NOLA.

          On the pre-K visits, we were less than impressed. Nothing really caught our attention in a positive way.

          Once, they may have been great and we missed that. Now, they could be great, and we have not returned.

          I'll wait for more contemporary reports.


          1. A group of 6 of us went there recently for my husband's 31st birthday. We had a 5 minute wait. We did the Feed Me and the food was great.

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              This chowhound just returned from her first trip. The atmosphere is sublime, the food pretty good, and no wait whatsoever. We'll be back and recommend to others. It's a quintessential New Orleans restaurant but on a different wavelength.

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                That is good to know. It WAS some time back, that we dined there. Much could have changed. Also, many family members loved it, so our venture was probably atypical.

                Thanks for reporting. Maybe we can fit them in on the next trip.