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Jun 24, 2004 03:31 PM

Best Places to eat in Bend, OR?

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I will be traveling through Bend, OR in two weeks and have only eating there a few times (several years ago). I was just wondering if anyone had a favorite place to eat. We like all kinds of food. Any suggestions out there?

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  1. Search the board (Cntrl-F will do) and you will find treasures, such as this post:

    Happy eating in Bend!


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    1. re: Jill-O

      Thank you so much! I just found this site and I am learning more how to extract the info I am looking for!

      1. re: Jill-O

        I'm glad to see my post is getting some mileage.

        Merenda should definitely be #1 on your list. That said, not every item on the menu is a winner. Here's an earlier report I did on Bend that includes more advice for what to order and not to order at Merenda.

        Bend is an awesome place. Have a great time.


        1. re: nja

          Great posts never die, nja! At least not on this board, anyway! ;o)

          It is so important to keep posting and adding to the collective knowledge we have here, ya know?!

      2. The link suggested by Jill-O is a good one. A new place in town (not so new, but new format and new to us)is Blacksmith. Gives Merenda and Scanlons a run for their money. Google "blacksmith restaurant bend or" to find more about the Conde Nast top rating. Regardless of the validity of a Conde Nast opinion, Blacksmith is a must-visit. Would appreciate your opinion, since we have been there only once so far and would like more input. The mussels were the best we have ever had in the Northwest, including the cockpit of out boat, yet friends recently said that the mussels they had were not so good. Also don't miss High Tides. Excellent food which belies the reasonable prices and mediocre ambiance.

        1. Volo is a terrific place for food and ambience.


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          1. re: rtinfow

            Thank you so much for the recommendations. We do have a reservation at Merenda as I am a member of the James Beard Foundation. But we will be in Bend a week so we will have an opportunity to try many places.

            1. re: Rosie Saferstein

              This is a pretty old thread. We no longer recommend Blacksmih.

              There are some much more recent comments. Just search "bend" and you will find them. Merenda has been hit and miss, and is VERY noisy when busy. As to rtinfow's Volo rec, we have not yet been but have heard good things.