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Mar 8, 2005 04:18 PM

Bittersweet Plantation Dairy

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I'll be visiting Louisiana next month (flying into NO, driving to Lafayette) and came across this while browsing around online. I was wondering whether anyone is familiar with these cheeses? (It's a slow day at work and the pictures of cheese kind of get me going.....mmmmmmm, cheese.) I'm curious about the "Creole Cream Cheese" -- it says production of it ceased in the 1980's. Was it commercially produced, or is it something people made that fell by the wayside? Would you recommend seeking these out?

Link: http://www.jfolse.com/bittersweet_dai...

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  1. It's a sweet cream cheese that's not as dense and it comes in a tub floating in some kind of liquid. My grandfather used to eat it for breakfast like cottage cheese! (He put sugar on top.) No wonder he died in his 60s of a heart attack.

    I don't know exactly what it is, but I do know it's heavenly. It's available at Dorignac's grocery on Veterans. We never use it except at Christmas, when my mother makes a Creole Cream Cheese-cake. (Actually Commander's Palace's recipe.) Some local restaurants who are very concerned with using local ingredients use it in their desserts--it definitely impressed me when I saw the cheesecake at Commander's featuring it.

    Bittersweet Plantation is John Folse's operation, right? That was the location of Lafitte's Landing last time I was there, although apparently this restaurant has moved or closed.

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      That sounds great...as a coeur à la crème during strawberry season, yum.

      John Folse is the name of the guy, although I don't know anything about him.

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        Folse fancies himself a great chef. He makes his primarily living with a food company that provides such culinary masterpieces as the Whiskey Sauce for TGI Fridays, and the like.

        Go with the stuff from Smith. Old world processes and tastes. They know where the cows are. They know what they eat. Link below for history and locations where you can find their products.

        Link: http://www.smithcreamery.com/

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          Funny about how they know where the cows are. I was wondering looking at the Bittersweet site whether it was faux artisinal -- not sure why, the pictures look great but their product line seems rather broad for that kind of small production (which does beg the question of where the cows are), or maybe the names which seem calculated for an out-of-state audience. Thanks for the Smith Creamery tip, I will keep an eye out for that.

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            Mauthe's creole cream cheese was one of the first recipients of the Slow Food's ARC of taste award. they have a great product as does Dorignac's. I am not a fan of Folse/Bittersweet line- too commercial. If you are in town for the wknd go to the farmers market on sat and pick up some cream cheese and some louisiana strawberries and you are set.

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            Folse used to spend his time hawking Louisiana food products on what was supposed to be a cooking show on PBS.

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              smith creamery is great. every time i am home in baton rouge i pick up a roll of butter from them and some of their milk--esp the chocolate. it is great to still be able to shake the container each time you go to open it. and they are very knowledgeable about their product. nothing like local products.

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                I do agree the Smith creamery product is a lot better and more consistant.

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                  Bittersweet Plantation is the Folses' home, I believe, in Donaldsonville. Back before Katrina he had a wonderful restaurant there, and if you now think he fancies himself a great chef, it's too bad you missed it. It really was outstanding. Now they still run a bed & breakfast there, and will make dinner upon request. Since we no longer live in New Orleans I can't opine on the quality of their commercial products.

                  Bittersweet Plantation
                  404 Claiborne St, Donaldsonville, LA 70346

            2. I've seen it at the Langenstein's, uptown, too, and at the farmer's market. I think the dairy that makes it is Mauthe's. Smith dairy is also pretty well known, I think it's won some national award for some cheese. Wow, that's vague. Sorry. Ok, I just looked it up, not cheese at all, David Rosengarten rated Smith Creamery butter the best butter in his latest report.